Five Great Marketing Tools for DIY Business Owners

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Five Great Marketing Tools for DIY Business Owners

When I work with clients for marketing services, I usually work with small business owners that don’t have a large budget. Like every business, they want more exposure and new clients. At the same time though, they need to be able to do everything with as little time as possible and preferably themselves. It’s understandable and the cheapest way to get something done. That’s why I offer to teach them how to get everything done themselves. First, though, I give them a set of tools for free that they can start using as soon as possible. Today I’ve written out the top five free tools that you can get started with.

Five Marketing Tools


Canva is one of the best tools for people who don’t have a budget. Some will tell you never to use it but you will be more than okay as long as you don’t make a logo on it. In the past, I’ve used this tool for just about everything else. During one of my jobs creating a marketing department, there wasn’t enough money to both pay for me, the website, and any other tools. That’s why we used Canva to come up with posters, ads, and more. Truthfully, it’s great for those just getting started.


Perhaps one of my favorite on this list of marketing tools, Todoist is great for those wanting to keep track of everything from projects at home to marketing todos at work. With this tool, you can create projects of todos (work, hobby, home) and even set dates and goals for things to get done. Best of all? This tool is completely free.


MailChimp is a free email platform to connect with your clients, subscribers, and others. You have the ability to create weekly, daily, and monthly emails. These emails tell your people about weekly happenings in their town or deals that they might not know about from your company. You can often set it to directly connect to your website with the option to have a popup. Next, you can even add names and emails manually should you get them from inside your store. Finally, you can custom create email templates.


This platform is a great way to connect with your customers and get feedback about the things you did or things you’ve done. You can create all kinds of questions and send them out from email, links, or sharing. It will compile the answers and give them to you with gender and even age differences so you can get the best answers you can.


For managing social media, this is the best for someone new to the field. Its free option has the ability to manage three platforms all from one dashboard. You can create unique posts or share the same post across all platforms. If you choose to you can also respond to any comments that you get on your messages. It’s perfect for a business owner that is looking to get into managing their social media, especially if they don’t have time or money to add to the mix.

Overall, starting a marketing department with no budget is easier than you might think. You have tools at your disposal and though it might take time to get the ball rolling, it is more than possible. Make sure to give yourself at least a few hours a week, especially if you do social media and email. It might be best to start with one thing at a time until you get an understanding of each. Lastly, if you need help, I can teach you to use each tool most effectively and even help you or find someone who can.
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