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Wix vs WordPress: Separate But Equal

Recently I was told that Wix was something that everyone should avoid. Having had great experiences with it, I set out to find out what was so bad about it. During the same conversation, I was told that WordPress.org was what anyone should use. That’s why for this post, I wanted to compare them. We’re looking at what is supposed to be the best with what’s supposed to be the worst.


Wix costs from $5.00 to $35.00 for the basic to the VIP. Other costs come from premium add-ons as well.

WordPress.org can cost from $2.00 a month to well over $100. This depends on what add-ons you get, where you choose to host, what theme you get and what you do on your site.

Startup Time

Wix is by far the fastest to set up and learn. Hundreds of how to’s and quick-start templates create the perfect beginner’s guide. It’s easy to have the whole website go up in a day. Each add-on is custom made by Wix, meaning that they can show you how they work with your site and how to best use each. My portfolio took just a couple of hours to make and get running.

WordPress.org takes by far the longest to get set up and running. This is especially true if you go through an offsite premium theme. This site was one of the more simple sites I’ve created on WordPress and even still, it took a few days of work. Waypost One, on the other hand, took two weeks due to the sheer number of pages and special coding.


Wix features a drag and drop interface that allows you to do almost anything with your site you can imagine. You can add anything onto any part of your site making it the easiest to customize out of the two. On the other hand, Wix is also very restrictive about some things. For example, you won’t be able to use every add-on you find on the internet. Every addition I make to my site has to be approved by Wix before it even becomes an option to me.

WordPress.org is perhaps the most flexible in terms of getting new additions to your site. These can be things like interactive maps or email collectors. However, unless you are an expert at website creation, it will be very hard to get exactly what you are looking for. Since WordPress is not a drag and drop, it has much less ease of creation. Most get around this with the plethora of themes that can be used in many cases to create exactly what you are looking for with some even having drag and drop features.


Wix websites are hosted on Wix’s servers. That means a few things. First, that the servers are optimized for Wix. The employees at Wix are tasked with making sure your site stays fast since your paying for space on their server. It also means that these same employees are in charge of securing your site from hackers, malware, and more. Due to the fact that all Wix sites are hosted by people who work at Wix, you can be sure that they will understand the needs of your site and be able to keep it both running and safe.

WordPress.org’s safety rating is generally dependent on what you do. Due to the fact that you choose your own hosting, how safe and secure you are will depend on the hosting you choose and what comes with that hosting. This can be the more dangerous option as people DIY it while inexperienced may unwittingly subject either themselves or their customers to a host of viruses and malware.

Off-Page SEO

Wix has what they call the Wix SEO Wiz. Short for wizard, this program is a step-by-step planning tool that helps you come up with SEO strategies for your site. Further, it can help you to choose and craft keywords. It will connect with Google Analytics and the Google Search Console as well. Other places to look at are the Wix Dashboard where more SEO functions are on the “Get Found on Google” section.

WordPress.org has plugins that help you create and optimize content for SEO and ranking. On this site, for example, I have Yoast Installed which reminds me of certain factors as well to keep in mind. As you might be figuring out, there is a plug-in for everything. You have options like social media, Google Analytics, and even the Google Search Engine to help you improve your site’s ranking. 

On-Page SEO

Wix’s on-page SEO is decent. It covers the basics that all in person stores and most small businesses will need. You have the ability to set meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, and custom URLs. Also, you can customize image alt texts as well as create 301 redirects and integrate social mediaNot done yet, Wix also offers SSL encryption and the ability to hide pages from search engines. Lastly, you can get a number of paid and free apps that take this further from the Wix App Market including the ability to integrate with both Google Analytics and Search Console. Also of note, they feature a much better mobile optimized layout (drag and drop.)

WordPress.org has quite a bit to offer in with their on-page SEO. First, they give you the ability to modify meta titles, headings, and tags. Second, there are plugins that can be used for page acceleration, image optimizations, and caching. These will speed up loading which looks good to search engines. Short and to the point, there are plugins for every part of SEO from broken links to grammar and keywords. WordPress has a clear advantage here.

Other Notes

Wix is a great drag and drop website made for do-it-yourself types who consistent quality without worry. In recent years they have added more and more, coming up to close to equal with all other website builders. Just this year they have added Wix Code. It’s a feature where you will be able to create a databased of images and products to feature on pages, but it hasn’t been completely released yet. It’s important to remember that it’s relatively new. With being new comes playing a little catch-up but overall, its’ a great site. Also great, no coding at all if you don’t wish to.

WordPress.org is one of the longest-running website builders and for that reason is the farthest ahead. Though they have been working to make it more newbie-friendly, it’s still one of the hardest and most time-intensive website builders out there. Though it’s cheaper in the long run, it requires a high startup cost. Also, it can take weeks to get a large site up and ready. On the other hand, WordPress is great for owning your own stuff. As long as you find a host, everything on the site is yours. Also, if you buy a theme, it can be easy to build the site, though many times there is still a learning curve.


Overall, Wix is great for those looking to create and launch a website very fast with relatively good SEO. It’s perfect for people that don’t have the budget to pay someone else. It’s also great for those that don’t know how to create websites on their own. On the other hand, WordPress is great for people who care most about SEO and have time as well as money. In the end, it’s more customizable and better on cost per year.

If I were to say, Wix is great for someone who is looking for an online face but isn’t getting 100% of their clientele online. Moreover, is perfect for online portfolios as well. WordPress is better for someone running an online business such as I do on here.

However, in the end, it’s really important to remember that most of your SEO will come from your content and the links to your page. You need to get backlinks to your page. Perhaps more importantly, you need to write optimized content. If you don’t, your website’s SEO and look will never be enough. You can take a look at my services or contact me to get started!

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