As a blogger for fun and a writer for business, writing has pretty much taken over my life. Having always been a more goals oriented person, I have a fascination with SEO and its impacts on organic search results. It’s for that reason that I took Google Garage, my first formal (& FREE) training in SEO outside of college.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is making sure your website is ready for search engines. It is a way of using keywords and other factors to boost your score and get closer to the top search result on Google.

The usefulness of this to businesses is obvious. Having your homepage optimized is vital to reaching customers organically when they are looking for you. On the other hand, what’s the use of this to a blog?

Well, if the blog is for business much of the reasoning is the same. On the other hand, why do I spend the time I do optimize Waypost One, my personal travel site? I don’t spend all the time I could, but enough that it begs the question, what’s the point?

That’s why today we are going to go over just what you can get from an optimized blog.

Top Five Benefits to Search Engin Optimization for Personal Blogs

1. More Traffic!

Perhaps the most obvious plus to optimizing your website is the increase in traffic that search engine optimization brings. If you make sure your website is ready for Google (or Bing) then you will get more visitors. These visitors will read your work, should you be interested in that. Also, they’re good to show that you’ve grown over time. Having continuously growing analytics is good and leads to many more things. When you get more traffic to your personal blog, many doors can open for you.  Leading to the argument that all of the other four benefits of SEO stem from this first one.

2. More Opportunity!

Most people that blog are doing it because they enjoy writing and sharing what they know. That’s not to say they (you & I) don’t want to make a little money off of it. As you optimize your blog and increase your organic search results you will have doors open before you over time. This can be simple things like affiliate links or more complex things like product or even place reviews. Also, don’t forget the monetary opportunity that can come from ads displayed on your webpage. However, that’s not all. You also have a chance of obtaining jobs just by having a blog, should you so choose.

3. More Jobs!

As mentioned, your search engine optimized blog can in fact land you jobs. If you have a passion for writing and the analytics to show for it, then you will surely be able to find work as a freelance writer. The best option, look for other paying blogs or websites in your niche. For example, as a travel writer, I can often find paying jobs in the travel industry due to my past in writing optimized content regarding travel.

If you really want to get into this, also try learning SEO research tools like Ahrefs and Also, don’t stop writing. As an “Informally educated” writer (much like myself) you can use all the experience you can get. The more you practice the better you get.

4. More Money!

This is obvious, more traffic to your blog leads to affiliate links and ad money. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make from them. In the beginning, this won’t be a lot even if you have search engine optimized content. However, it should grow much more steady than other money creating methods. Not to mention that at some point ebooks and courses can be thrown into the mix. If you choose to go that route, your revenue can be endless. Many people have created how to blog courses, how to travel courses, retreats and more.

5. More Skills!

All of the added money, all of the opportunity, all of the traffic is wonderful. However, what might be better is experience. As a writer, I write for my day job. Yet, that doesn’t mean that I am perfect. In fact, I’m what you would consider being more of a 1.5 of a 4 on the experience scale with a few years of writing to my name. What does that mean? Writing my blog in a search engine optimized manner is something I do in hopes of helping people and also in hopes of testing and improving my skills and both a website designer and content writer.

SEO Optimization Benefits Summary

When you write a blog, I hope you are writing because you enjoy it. However, there’s no reason not to make sure you are getting the most out of your money.

With SEO, you have the ability to increase your opportunities, money, skill, and even job offers. Search engine optimization doesn’t take much time to incorporate into what you are already doing. It’s a skill you might take a while to get good at, but so long as you try, you’ll learn over time.
However, if you are interested in getting better faster, you can contact me today and I can either edit your posts for better SEO or teach you how to do it yourself!