Oftentimes, small businesses can’t afford to have help in their marketing endeavors. I myself can’t afford to hire marketing help specifically for Helianthus Advising’s promotions. However, as a marketing and content creation firm, we’re lucky. We already know how to do it and can do so with a few spare hours of time. The same can not be said for normal small business. Though they might find the time, they can’t often find the skill. As a believer in helping those, even when they can’t pay, I’ve decided to write my top tip on how to start.

An editorial calendar is a way to plan your marketing endeavors. Usually, this is referring to organic marketing, such as social media or blogs. If you have and update your editorial calendar often, you can save time and learn more about your efforts as you go. It’s important to remember that research will be key. If you take one thing away from how to make an editorial calendar, make sure it’s that you will need to research marketing in your industry. First, you need not worry about the tools. As long as you have an internet connection and a Google account, you’re set to go. There are many free tools that can help DIY business owners grow.

Final Thoughts

An Editorial Calendar is the perfect way to grow your business with organic marketing. It will help you to understand and plan your social media and content creation plans with ease. Furthermore, it’s the perfect way to keep consistency and quality in your marketing plan. Remember to consider voice, tone, goal, audience, location, and time when doing research and coming up with ideas. If you need to, check out the google excel sheet that I’ve linked to above for a template you can use.

Once you’ve got the template started, come up with ideas by paying attention to the types of posts you can have as well as the critical days that you might want to think about. Look into the critical dates that you need to remember. Think about the things your company might want to talk about. To what degree you use the calendar is up to you. It’s best to fit it into your current process with minimal interruption at first. If you want, work up to using it to its full compacity so that you don’t hurt yourself more than you help yourself.

Finally, make sure that you track your analytics. You’ll want to be sure to look at weekly as well as monthly analytics on each avenue that you use. This will help to determine the effectiveness of your posts. After a time, you will be able to improve your work by looking at all the data you have accumulated in the past. If you should choose, Helianthus Advising can walk you through the content creation process or take over content creation for you. We offer free consultations for new clients so that you may better understand what you need even if it isn’t us!