Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated and long-term process that many businesses have been told they need but don’t quite know why. You might understand that different pieces of content added to your site can help you rank better on Google. 

In short, SEO work on your website will make sure that the right words and layout have been added to your page to make sure that both Google and your customers rank your page highly. That said, it’s time to dive in deep to explain how that translates to a better business. 

Three Ways Search Engine Optimizations Helps

While there are far more than three ways the SEO helps a business, these are the top three that will give you the most significant direct impact.

More Potential Clients

When you reach the first page of a Google result, that means every time someone Googles that phrase; your website will show up without someone having to click “see more results.” According to a 2014 study from Advanced Web Rankings, 67% of clicks go to the first five listings with another 28% going to the last five listings on the first page. That means just 5% of any Google search will make it to the second page. The better SEO you have, the more potential clients see your site. 

Increased Press Coverage

If you’re looking for podcast placement or press releases, then ranking high on Google will make sure the world knows you mean business. Content creation for your site, for example, blogs and web pages, will ensure that your page ranks high. On top of that, it can show a potential press opportunity that you know what you’re talking about and that you care about more than selling products.

Better Ad Opportunity

This one is a bit different. If you have a monetized website, say a personal blog, then ranking on the first page means better ads on your site, aka more money. Also, if you rank on the first page for a term, then you’ll have more opportunities to get sponsors that will pay you to write and even go places.

How Much Does Search Engine Optimization Cost? 

With an understanding of how relevant content can help your website through SEO, the next logical question is how much it costs. While each content writer will charge a different amount, it’s essential to know what you’re getting with each option. 

A freelancer or agency that offers content writing services can charge between $5 an hour and up to as much as $200 an hour. Keep in mind; price only goes in hand with the quality so far. Those that create content for $5 an hour often won’t produce content as good as those who create content for $30 or $50 an hour. 

On the other side, what you’re getting at $200 an hour is often the same high-quality content as the person who was charging you $50. The difference? You could be working with someone “famous” or a big business with a lot of expenses, for example, a full marketing agency. 

My advice? Expect to pay at least $30 an hour but don’t pay for more than you can afford. Remember that most content writers will also offer discounts for those that want continued service (monthly packages) or a lot of work (bulk writing.)

The Cost of This Content Writing Agency

All that said, you might know that Helianthus Advising is an option for your content strategy, white paper, or SEO needs. As a group of freelance writers, we band together to ensure that we can produce the best work with as little overhead as possible. 

Also, having several expert writers means having a diverse staff. We can help you with precisely what you need, whether that’s social media posts, blog posts, or content marketing for your brand. 

Though pricing differs for each client based on their needs, we offer packages starting at $300 a month, hourly rates starting at $30 an hour, and by word, and rates starting at $0.07 per word. In addition, we offer discounts for nonprofits and those that order in bulk or want monthly services. 

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