One of the most common questions Helianthus Advising gets asked is, “What does a Consultant Do?” In truth, the answer depends on a few factors. Most importantly, why specifically does the small business need a consultant to help? In other words, what goals are we coming in to help achieve?

We Advise… & More

Without getting too much into details, a consultant is an advisor that provides opinions based on analysis and recommendations based on those opinions. We’re usually brought in for one of three reasons. 

These reasons are to give expert advice the business doesn’t have internally, to fill a gap in resources (add manpower,) or to give an outside opinion (usually to assist leadership in important decisions.)

We Work For… Anyone

Consultants, especially marketing consultants, work for anyone who needs help with marketing. In other words, every industry. Helianthus Advising, like many agencies, does have a focus. We have special expertise and a special interest in helping consult with businesses in the construction industry as well as nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and fully remote businesses

What Does a Marketing Consultant Offer? 

Okay, so we give advice and add manpower… what comes out of that? How does the day to day look with a consultant? That’s another thing that varies. Helianthus Advising offers to meet with local businesses in person; however, doesn’t travel to businesses far away. 

We’ll focus on strategy or help you with the execution, depending on your needs. Other businesses might always travel and only focus on providing strategy. However, there is a core set of services that consultants offer. 

  1. Strategic Advice: This is when you talk to them about a problem and come up with a plan on how to reach your goal together. 
  2. Done-For-You Service: If you have a goal you want to reach and don’t know how then you can hire a consultant to not just come up with the plan but to execute it as well. 
  3. One-Time Training: If you have one thing you want to learn, for example, social media ads, a consultant can come in and give you an overview or in-depth training just once. 
  4. Ongoing Coaching: On the other hand, if you want to learn more about a topic or have a bunch of questions, a coach can come in and train you and your team for months on end or just when needed. 

“Do I Need a Consultant or Marketer?”

Your next question might be, “Well, which should I hire?” In truth, that’s up to you. Consultants often have higher rates and specialize in helping you reach your goal via teaching or working with you. A marketer usually does it for you and doesn’t want to teach you their secrets. 

However, if you work with Helianthus Advising, you can get both – at the same time. We’ll work with you in the way that you want. Do you want to learn? We can teach you! If you want us to handle it and don’t want to know the details, that’s fine too! A consultant or a marketer should be there to help you reach your goals that way you want. That’s why we’re here.