When people have more downtime, they tend to do more thinking. As such, many wonder if now is time to leave a job they are less than happy with. My short answer? Yes! You have nothing to lose, especially if you have time. 

However, my answer comes with caveats and reminders that are especially important given the pandemic we are all living and working through. Think about these factors then decide: should I look for a new job, work to improve my skills, or just keep working at the job I have?

Think About Security & Stability

When you change jobs, you risk losing your current job security. Should something happen at your new job (perhaps something like the economy going down), new people will likely be the most expendable. This could result in you having no job, rather than a new one. 

That said, if your current job has little security, perhaps you’re not giving up anything, to begin with. Similar to this is your stability. Perhaps you work hourly right now. Maybe your current employer is less than good at providing regular income. If you can trade an unstable position for a stable one, then a job change would be great for your mental health and wallet too!

Factor In Your Industry

Right now, most industries aren’t doing as well as they were before the pandemic. This fact will make job searching harder in most cases. That said, certain industries are doing far worse than others. Where you want to be and where you are now will have a lot to say about the viability of your job search. 

For example, if you were working in a restaurant before COVID-19 started, perhaps you’ve been out of work for months. Maybe you even have a bit of management experience that could cross industry lines. At this point, looking for a job elsewhere would be a great idea. You have the time to spend and could also gain an income boost depending on your skills and abilities. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for work in an industry that has been hard hit, now might not be the time for a career change. Rather, look at improving yourself for when the time is right. Take online courses, get certifications, and wait until the perfect time to start looking for jobs. 

Determine Why You REALLY Want to Change Jobs

With all this extra time to think, have you sorted out why you’re really looking for a job change? Before you start applying, determine if your job change is motivated by a need to grow your career, increase income, or if it’s controlled by ideas of “greener pastures.”

Now, it’s never a bad thing to see what your options are. However, if you’re thinking about moving jobs just because you think another job could be better – think again. Every company has issues. Every boss will have rules or personality traits you don’t like.


If you’re looking to move jobs, realize first that the search will be hard. It could take months (or longer) to find a new position. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try; however, it might mean that there are better paths available to you. Perhaps gaining new skills and seeking a promotion in your current company. Whatever method you choose, Helianthus Advising offers consulting services to help. 

We can create an optimized LinkedIn profile, and help you learn how to impress interviewers, get your application to the top of the pile, and land that job you’ve always wanted. Get in touch today!