Staying organized when running a remote business can be a challenge. Unlike a traditional business, remote businesses have to think about logistics spread between multiple locations and even time zones. That said, there are things that can be done to make remote organization easier. 

Keep It In Writing

If you really want to stay organized, make sure all important information is written in an easy to access location. Helianthus Advising uses Google Drive – in fact – that’s what we recommend to clients who participate in our management consulting sessions

Google Drive enables you to find things, no matter where you are or what device you are using. In addition, you can easily track changes in your documents or share them with others without the use of version control or complicated settings. 

Reduce Meetings

It might sound contradictory, but you should only be having one “all hands” meeting per month. If you have smaller teams within your organization, they should only be meeting altogether once per week. 

More meetings will harm your organization by taking up time and causing misunderstandings. Rather, keep things in writing and talk only when needed to show something visually or conduct overall check-ins. 

Stay Simple

Next, work to keep your system as streamlined and clean as possible. Anything extra will just further the disorganization that you’re trying to avoid. Our team uses as few programs as possible in order to keep things simple. Take a look: 

  1. Keap: Invoicing, Leads, Campaigns, CRM system, Calendar Management
  2. Asana: Project management
  3. Google Drive: File Storage
  4. Twist: Communications

Sure, we use a few others like Zoom and Loom on occasion; however, to get everything we need, we have four programs. That limits the number of passwords, touchpoints, and errors that can arise. 

Maintain SOPs

If you don’t have SOPs, or standard operating procedures, written down then now is the time. SOPs will ensure that your organization is able to do everything the right way the first time. Helianthus Advising has a board on Asana dedicated to onboarding new employees and contractors the right way. 

Each program we use to get work done comes with a video – not for training – but for key tips on how we use the programs specifically. In addition, procedures like time reporting and weekly updates are laid out clearly so that the client can get billed and updated on time, every time. 

Hire a Consultant

If you really want to keep your remote business organized, then spending a little to hire a consultant might be perfect for you. Recommended for businesses that are experiencing fast growth, a consultant (like myself) can come in and make sure all your processes are clear, simple, and effective. 

Helianthus Advising offers consulting services in the form of management consulting. Ashley Madden (me) will come in, observe the team, and determine how to further streamline your business. Over five sessions, you, the owner, as well as the top management team, will learn how to become a lean machine.