While canceled subscriptions, click-throughs, complaints, and forwards all play a role in effective marketing campaigns, none of those matters unless emails are getting opened in the first place. Your emails could be jam-packed with amazing deals or useful tips of your trade, but if your initial impression is lacking, then your emails will be left in the dust—discarded and forgotten by readers.

Keep reading to see how to outline your email to improve your open rate!

How To Increase Your Email Open Rate

Email Subject Line

The subject line is the first impression of your content that your reader sees but is also the trickiest to compose. Making sure your subject line length is within the ideal character limit is an excellent first step. According to Marketos, a 41-character subject line(about seven words) was the most successful in obtaining high open rates.

Utilizing robust, actionable keywords that call to your readers’ attention is the other factor of nailing your subject line. Phrases including “on sale now,” “ends tomorrow,” “back in stock,” “exclusive,” “limited time,” and others of the like, pique your audience’s interest and influence them to act. Consider using a free headline tester tool, like CoSchedule, to evaluate and score your headline’s overall quality and rate its ability to compel click rates.

Optimize for Previews

The preview pane is the snippet of text in your inbox with each email that gives a sneak peek of the email’s content—allowing users to decide whether it’s worth their time to open your email. So make it worth their while!

Summarize your email’s subject matter by further explaining your content relating to your chosen email headline, while still leaving room for mystery. You don’t want to give your readers all information right away without them even opening your email. 

Try experimenting with emojis too! They’re no longer just fun, silly illustrations but can actually increase opens to your email. As long as they’re not overused and relevant to your content, emojis can lighten your email’s tone and catch the eyes of your readers.

Sender Name/Email

People like being seen as individuals rather than just a number or a sale to be made. Use your recipient’s name to address each subscriber to your email list directly. This way, the email feels personalized and unique just for them. 

Personalize your sender information as well to humanize your brand to readers. Try sending out emails with your company’s name vs. maybe your CEO’s name to test which option results in more open rates. Sometimes in certain circumstances, using a real employee’s name will seem more trustworthy and connect with your readers better rather than using a brand name.

Send Day & Time

Choosing the right day has a significant impact on your email’s overall success in standing out amongst others in your readers’ inbox. SEOPressor shows research from ten different studies proving that Tuesday is the best day of the week to send emails and receive the highest open rates.

Although it’s not enough to choose the perfect day but also an optimal time when your subscribers check their email. In the morning, checking your phone seems to be an everyday routine for most, indicating mornings between 9 am-11 am a great time to send emails. Or to send emails during post-lunch hours between 2 pm-3 pm, where some minds start wandering from work and look forward to going home.

Relevant Content

Just because you have a flashy subject line and polished preview doesn’t mean only this within itself will present the clicks you want. Ensure your emails are being sent out to the right group of people who are genuinely interested in or could make use of what you’re offering.

No one likes their inbox bombarded with emails they don’t want. And the last thing you want is your brand to come off as spammy or untrustworthy. Keep your audience in mind and secure your email with quality content that’s appropriate and imperative to your readers.


With all this said, there are so many sides to email marketing, and much more out there being done and can be done to further your business’s success in its email marketing efforts. Although this article is a great start to get your foot in the door, Helianthus Advising offers extensive email marketing services to suit whatever email campaign your business needs.