Never has graphic design and image creation been so complicated. Each social media platform has multiple graphic sizes based on what you’re doing. Each website will require different sized graphics for featured photos, banners, and more. So, how do you know what size to make your images?

Read this, of course! Helianthus Advising has created an ultimate cheat sheet for graphic sizes across ALL social platforms. Stay tuned for complete image size guides for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn

This guide was last updated in September 2020!

Facebook Image Size Guide

Facebook has more than a few options when it comes to graphic sizes. Almost every place where a photo can be uploaded comes with unique size recommendations. To begin, let’s look at your profile photo.

Facebook Profile Image Sizes

When you create a personal profile on Facebook, you’ll need a banner photo and a profile photo. In recent weeks, Facebook has moved everyone over to a new layout, which changed and simplified everything about creating graphics for a profile. Take a look at the picture below to see the most current profile layout.

Banner Photos

The Facebook cover photo sits atop the timeline of your personal page. In the new layout, the whole image will show at every screen size – an improvement from the past. The minimum dimensions recommended by Facebook are 940×352 pixels. However, if you want to make sure your images are high-quality, then go for 1800 pixels by 704 pixels.

Facebook Banner Photo Recommended Size Visual

That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating this graphic, aside from dimension.

  • Rounded Corners: In the new profile layout, the platform rounded the bottom corners of the banner photo.
  • Edge Bleeding: Now, Facebook takes the color for the outermost pixels and creates a shaded color section behind the profile photo.
  • Shaded Strip: The graduated shading at the bottom of the banner has returned.
  • Profile Photo: The profile photo has invaded the area of the banner photo, covering space when displayed.

Profile Photos

Next, let’s take a look at your profile photo. Everchanging in location, the profile photo currently overlaps the banner photo at the center of the page. This position is true for both desktop and mobile versions. Though you can upload a square or rectangle photo, it will always display as a circle across the site. That said, it’s displayed differently in size depending on where you’re looking, so keep that in mind when uploading photos.

  • Web Browser: 132 pixels in diameter
  • Smartphones: 128 pixels in diameter
  • When Next to Posts: 36 pixels in diameter

The good news is that Facebook requires a 132×132 pixel photo at a minimum. Relatively tiny, this means almost any image will work well. For the best results, however, you should aim for something that’s 500×500. Again, you can upload a rectangle or square as Facebook will help you crop it into a circle.

Facebook Profile Photo Recommended Size Visual


Facebook Page Image Sizes

When you have a brand to market, you need a Facebook Page. Much like a personal profile, you’ll need a banner photo and a profile photo. However, in addition to those, you have other options, including an “about” photo and service and product photos, should you have those sections in your profile.

Banner Photo

The ideal size for a Facebook “business” page banner photo is 820×312 pixels. Like personal profile banners, the image stretches across the top of the page, but isn’t centered and doesn’t have rounded corners. And because it’s a professional page, only a small portion covers the banner. This design allows you to add text or a logo to the banner photo without worrying about a profile photo getting in the way.

Facebook Business Page Banner Photo Size

Profile Photo

The profile photo for a Facebook Page remains the same size and shape as a personal page. However, it’s set off to the left of the screen rather than in the middle. It’s best to stick to 180×180 pixels so the photo can shift to a smaller size as someone scrolls through your page.

Facebook Business Page Logo

Facebook Timeline Image Sizes

Next, let’s take a look at the size for each photo of a timeline post. Starting with uploading a single image, these will be the same whether you’re posting personally or as a brand. This is where things get complicated. Everything will vary based on where are you are sharing, how many photos you share at once, what orientation the images have, and how people are viewing your pictures.

Uploading Single Images

When you upload a single image to Facebook, it will display a certain way based on the layout. Therefore, vertical, horizontal, and square photos all have different rules.

Verticle: Verticle photos can use the maximum space available for Facebook posts, 500px wide and 750px tall. Your portrait (vertical) orientation photo should be in the ratio of 3:2.

Facebook Vertical Upload Photo 500 x 750

Horizontal: Some brands prefer to use landscape photos that use the maximum width of space (500px). Once scaled to 500px, Facebook will crop the rest of the picture to retain its shape. As a result, the height may differ depending on the photo.

Square: Because social media loves a square grid, square photos will use the maximum width of 500px. Therefore, square sizes are 500×500 pixels.

Facebook Square Upload

Uploading Multiple Photos

This is where things really get complicated. When you upload multiple photos at once, your images will be displayed based on how many you upload and what the primary photo’s layout is. To make things simpler, we’ve found an amazing guide from Have Camera Will Travel that shows a detailed montage of photographs from simplest to most complicated.

Bonus: Featured Images for Shared Links

If you have a blog and you’re uploading those posts to Facebook, a featured photo will be vital for getting clicks; however, how that featured photo displays could be different than how it appears on your site because of natural cropping. So for the best results, use 1200×630 pixels for both shared images and shared links.

Facebook Shared Images & Links Photos 1200 x 630

Facebook Event Image Sizes

When it comes to events, your priority is the banner image at the top, although Facebook will create a smaller version for the event listing. It doesn’t matter what shape your event image size or shape is (vertical, square, horizontal), Facebook will automatically crop it to an aspect ratio of 16:9 for the listing. Then, when it’s finally displayed, the image will be 500×262 pixels. Because of all this automatic resizing, it’s best to use a file that’s 1920×1080 pixels, which will accommodate both the banner and the even listing.

Facebook Event Banner & Listing Photo Size

Sized for Instagram Photos

Instagram is another excellent social platform for brands. The nature of Instagram is engaging images, which allows you to showcase your work visually. The platform has three primary sources of photos: your profile, posts, and stories.

Instagram Profile Photo Size

The profile photo on Instagram is small yet significant. On mobile, you’ll see it as the first image in the upper lefthand corner, at the bottom of your screen, and on your main profile page. So, your profile photo is adjusting to three sizes. Therefore, it’s best to use 180×180 pixels.

Instagram Profile Photo

Instagram Photo Size

When posting photos to your Instagram profile (on your “grid”), you have three options, all of which are different in shape and size:

  • Square: This is the standard size of Instagram photos, which fit perfectly into your “grid,” allowing the entire image to show on your profile. For best results, these photos should be 1080×1080 pixels, so you’re using the maximum width.
    Instagram Square Upload
  • Portrait: Portrait photos allow you to show a taller picture that still fits into your screen as you scroll through your feed. Keep the maximum width, but increase the height to 1080×1350 pixels. Some Instagram gurus claim that this size is ideal because it covers an entire mobile screen, meaning the viewer only sees your image.

Instagram Portrait Photo 1080 x 1350

  • Landscape: Landscape images are also possible on Instagram, but be aware that they are much shorter than portrait and square images. Therefore, when scrolling, your image will appear shorter at 1080×566 pixels.

Instagram Landscape Photo 1080 x 566

Instagram Stories Sizes

Instagram Stories have grown in popularity since their start in 2010. Many users note that they receive more views on stories than on their main profile. It’s an excellent way to highlight your brand, products, or services in a more natural, behind-the-scenes way that people love. To ensure that your images and videos stay true to multiple screen sizes, stick to 1080×1920 pixels.

Instagram Stories Photo Size


Although some of the most engaging and viral tweets are still just witty text, engagement increases when tweets include photos. Additionally, you’ll need a profile photo and a header photo. Both will make your profile stand out.

Twitter Profile Photo Size

For your Twitter profile photo, you’ll see that it’s a circle in the lower lefthand corner of your header image. For ideal sizing, keep your profile photo at 400×400 pixels. This way, it can adjust the size for your feed.

Twitter Profile Photo

Twitter Header Photo Size

The header image on your Twitter profile stretches the width of your feed. To ensure it doesn’t get blurry, use an image size of 1500×500 pixels.

Twitter Header Photo

Twitter In-Stream Photo Sizes

Again, using an image when tweeting can increase your engagement. The best in-stream photo size is 440×220 pixels.

Twitter In-Stream Photo 440 x 220


Pinterest is a great way to get people on your website. And when it comes to image sizes, it’s relatively simple compared to some other social platforms. With Pinterest, you’re dealing with a profile photo, board display images, and the size of actual pins.

Pinterest Profile Photo Size

Your profile photo will remain relatively small, as it just sits at the center of your profile slightly within your header image (which is generated by Pinterest based on your pins). Keep it at a square (165×165 pixels), and keep in mind that it’ll crop to a circle that you cannot adjust. If you don’t want your logo cut off, keep it in the center of the image.

Pinterest Profile Photo

Pinterest Board Cover Image Size

For board display images, you’ll notice that they sit in grid-form as landscape images. Keep them at 222×150 pixels so that they can adequately shrink when adjusting to a thumbnail preview.

Pinterest Board Cover Photo 222 x 150

Pinterest Pin Sizes

Your actual pins on Pinterest are quite interesting because the display is unique. Rather than a standard grid shape with equal dimensions, pins share width but vary by height. Again, the feed appears more whimsical than structured, so feel free to play around with pin heights! As for the width, though, stick to 236 pixels wide.

Google My Business

Google My Business is used by many brands to increase business and online presence. Luckily, the images are easy to manage! All you need is a profile photo, a banner, and an understanding of the best size for posting your professional photos.

Google My Business Profile Photo Size

For your profile photo on Google My Business, the ideal image size is 250×250 pixels, although it can be as small as 120×120. Keep it as a square and with the subject in the middle of the frame.

Google My Business Profile Photo Size

Google My Business Cover Photo Size

When uploading a cover photo (also known as a banner image), keep it 1080×608 pixels. The larger width allows the picture to stretch as necessary. Most Google My Business sites are viewed on the mobile app, so it’s essential to have a larger image.

Google My Business Cover Photo 1080 x 608

Google My Business Image Post Photo Size

Although customers and clients will be a significant resource for photos, you’ll want to include some professional images, too. When you post pictures, keep them at 497×373 pixels for the best image quality.

Google My Business Image Photo 497 x 373


Despite YouTube being all about moving imagery, your profile only concerns a few photos. Aside from your profile photo, you’ll also need to consider a banner image and cover photo for each video that you upload.

YouTube Profile Photo Size

Your YouTube profile photo is a small circular image that adjusts to an even smaller size when used as a thumbnail for channels, subscription lists, and when displayed in searches. In essentially mimics the YouTube icon, so keep it as a square at 800×800 pixels.

YouTube Profile Photo Size

YouTube Banner Photo Size

The YouTube banner size is quite broad and almost stretches from edge to edge, leaving a small space for the menu. Because it reacts and adjusts the size as needed, it’s essential to keep the image at a larger size. The ideal image size is 2560×1440 pixels, changed depending on numerous displays (TV, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.).

Youtube Banner Photo Size

YouTube Video Cover Photo Size

Video cover photos need to maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio, so keep the image size to 1280×720 pixels. Again, this aids in the necessary adjustment to various displays, and when playlists and search results require smaller images.

YouTube Video Cover Photo 1280 x 720


Tumblr is one of the original blogging sites and still has a cult following today. You can find a diverse and devoted audience on the platform, which only has three simple image sizes to worry about: the profile, banner, and post images.

Tumblr Profile Photo Size

Much like most social platforms, your profile photo on Tumblr is small and sits in the center of your profile. It’s not a circle, but rather a square with rounded edges. Still, keep it at a 1:1 aspect ratio and a square image at 128×128 pixels.

Tumbler Profile Photo Size

Tumblr Banner Photo Size

Aside from the profile photo, your banner image is what can draw the attention of your audience. Unlike other social platforms, Tumblr’s banner image stretches the entire width of your screen but adjusts as display sizes change. Therefore, keep your image large and broad at 3000×1055 pixels.

Tumblr Banner Photo 3000 x 1055

Tumblr Image Post Size

Lastly, the images that you use with your posts need to keep the same width but can vary by height. The standard photo size for a Tumblr post is 1280×1920 pixels, but feel free to experiment with the height of your images.

Tumbler Image Upload Photo Size


LinkedIn is its own beast when it comes to images and rules regarding graphics. There are a lot of pictures to consider. With most social platforms, you focus on a profile photo, a banner or header, and post images. With LinkedIn, personal and business pages can differ in sizes, and brands tend to add logos, company banner images, sponsored content, article covers, and more.

Phew, it’s a lot — let’s dig in!

LinkedIn Profile Sizes

With LinkedIn, the terminology is everything. When you create a “profile” on LinkedIn, that means that you’re making a personal page for yourself. These pages are great to show off your skills as the founder of your business and keep it separate from your brand. People love to know who is behind the scenes, and LinkedIn is the perfect opportunity to lift the curtain but keep it professional.

LinkedIn Profile Photo Size

LinkedIn profile photos are small, circular, and set on the lefthand side of your banner image. Keep it as a square and at 400×400 pixels. You can adjust it, so although it’s best to keep the subject in the center as much as possible, it’s okay if it’s slightly off.

LinkedIn Personal Profile Photo Size

LinkedIn Profile Banner Photo Size

The banner image of your personal LinkedIn profile should be 1584×396 pixels. Like the profile image, you can also adjust the banner by zooming in and out and straightening it.

LinkedIn Personal Banner Photo 584 x 396 (1)

LinkedIn Page Sizes

Unlike a personal “profile” on LinkedIn, the purpose of a “page” is for professional organizations, like businesses, brands, nonprofits, and companies.

LinkedIn Page Logo Photo Size

Instead of a profile photo, LinkedIn Pages use logos, which differ slightly in sizing. It’s essential that the logo is square and centered on the entire image. Keep it at 300×300 pixels, which is somewhat smaller than the profile photo on a personal page.

LinkedIn Profile Photo Size

LinkedIn Page Banner Photo Size

Instead of banners, LinkedIn Pages use company images to create a cover photo. It can be a slogan, a photo of your storefront, a company picture, or whatever compliments your professional page best. The ideal size for a company cover image is 1536×768 pixels. Keep in mind that this size is slightly narrower and taller than a banner image on a personal LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn Page Banner Photo 1536 x 768

LinkedIn Image Post Photo Size

For the post image size on LinkedIn, it remains the same whether you have a personal profile or a professional page. However, desktop and mobile versions change quite a bit. When posting an image on a desktop, plan for 1200×1200 pixels. When using mobile, cut the height in about half and use 1200×628 pixels. These two sizes help the flow of your feed best accommodates the two displays.

LinkedIn Image Post Size

Video Size

Some people and brands enjoy posting videos, which can increase your engagement rates. When posting videos, however, there isn’t one particular size to create. Instead, your video should fall between a minimum and maximum size, which ranges quite a bit, from 256×144 pixels to 4096×2304 pixels.

LinkedIn Article Cover Photo Size

When posting an article on LinkedIn, you may want to accompany it with an image for better engagement. When doing this, stick to a size of 744×400 pixels. Keep in mind that this is a smaller size than a typical post, and that’s because you’re also highlighting the article information.

LinkedIn Article photo Size