Between A/B testing email marketing techniques, optimizing SEO for search engine marketing, b2b content marketing, or utilizing paid promotional ads, it’s no secret that marketing is easy to get lost in. With so many pathways and content marketing strategies to choose from, it can be hard to pinpoint which methods are worth your efforts.

If I can promise you one thing, content marketing will never lose its value and should be at the core of your marketing strategies to be a successful business.

Content marketing is a combination of using various marketing techniques with the creation and sharing of digital material that doesn’t specifically promote a brand but instead attempts to peak audience interest and connection—such as with blogs, videos, and social media posts.

The Run-Down on Content Marketing

Think of the content your company creates or could be creating. 

Ask yourself this:

  • Can I add more value to my content offering?
  • Could my business use a boost in engagement and traffic-flow?

Unless you’re a firmly established megacorp, you might be answering yes to one or both of these. 

So, why use content marketing?

Other than physically doing business with a brand, engaging and connecting with produced content is how audiences continuously follow a brand. If you want to get ahead of the game, go back to reevaluate the quality of content you create—how it relates to your industry and mission, but also how it resonates with your audience.  

It’s when you piece together relevant content with marketing strategies like email marketing or search engine marketing to reach broader audiences and make your brand known. Like writing a blog with optimized formatting and industry keywords for SEO, then turning to your email list and creating an email sequence to promote your blog posts.

This is when you’ll start seeing some action. Like I stated before, curating valuable, relevant content should be at the core of your marketing strategies.

B2B Content Marketing

As the name suggests, what sets B2B content marketing apart from other marketing methods is that it exclusively relates to content created by businesses, for businesses. Not the usual consumer-focused content we see and experience every day.

B2B content marketing gives the opportunity to be seen and renowned as a leading resource for your industry by supplying your readers with information that they can act on and implement in their own work to better their business.

One of the best things about well-curated content—especially the kind that pertains to your line of work—is it takes a lot of tiresome work off your plate. Keeping up with trends and news is a never-ending task and time consuming when you’ve already got a full plate. So, when a writer can hand-pick the things you need to know and are looking for, it can feel like you’ve hit the lottery.

Seeing what people are talking about and sharing on social media is a great way to get topic ideas for content. There are even marketing tools specifically for B2B content marketing, like Buzzsumo. BuzzSumo lets you analyze real-time data across all major social networks to determine which topics would gain the most traction in your industry. Based on this, you can tailor this industry-relevant content to assist other brands in their endeavors. 

Organic Content Marketing

Rather than getting your leads artificially through paid ads and other paid marketing strategies, organic marketing refers to methods around gradually growing your customer pool naturally over time.

Implementing organic strategies in your digital marketing tactics is a great way to focus on content that’s of value and importance in your audience’s lives. With organic marketing, you can step away from the promotional side of marketing and remind customers that your brand is more than the product or service you offer.

The results may take time, but you are building a foundation for your business that consumers can rely on and trust. No one likes a brand that’s consistently shoving salesy posts their way. Take the time to step away from focusing on making sales and really tailor your content around your customer’s needs.


With so many components and techniques that come with content marketing strategies, many brand turn to marketing agencies to outsource and hand over their exhausted marketing attempts.

Helianthus Advising is a professional marketing agency that specializes in bringing brands to life with content marketing strategies. We have writers ready to craft personalized content with experts who can optimize the foundation of your customer’s online experience with your brand and bring your online presence to life!