Digital marketing in the construction industry is often unthought about. It’s usually a side task to proposals, events, networking, and other in-person tasks if approached. For example, I remember one role I interviewed for after graduating from college. The title of the job was “marketing assistant.”

Yet, the job was 90% putting together bids from copy + paste templates. I was disheartened. However, it does make sense. Unlike other industries, construction will always be very in-person. 

That means most don’t think about digital marketing – even when they should. Today, I wanted to propose how you can keep your digital marketing relevant as a business in the construction industry. Use the digital world to connect physically with prospective customers, clients, owners, vendors, employees, and subcontractors.

Social Media Marketing for Potential Employees

If your business is doing well, then chances are you’re looking to hire at least an intern or two. However, you could be looking at hiring more project managers, superintendents, or even estimators. How can you show them your business is the best to work at? Social media

When you post on social media, think about showing your jobs in fun and exciting ways. Utilize drone videos, time-lapses, project updates, and more in your regular postings. Show events that happen in the office and let people who follow you on Facebook see your culture before they walk in the door. 

Chances are, the person you’ve interviewed has already looked at your website and social media (especially if they are younger) to see what you’re all about. As a bonus, these posts will also show prospective clients what you’re all about. This could lead to new jobs and new opportunities, as well!

Email Marketing for Current and Past Customers

When was the last time you sent an email blast? If you’re saying “never,” you are not alone. Many people view email newsletters as something pointless or something that only consumer goods brands can utilize. Yet, that’s simply not true. 

When you send an email marketing campaign, you have the opportunity to update current and past customers about the recent events in your business. Let them know about the latest project you’ve completed, new hires you’ve brought on, or new changes in the bid process they might want to know. 

Try segmenting them into “current and past customers,” “prospective customers,” and “contractors and vendors.” This segmentation will enable you to create targeted emails each month that focus on what they, as an audience, will want to know, leading to maintained connections with vendors and subcontractors as well as new customers or jobs.

Content Writing for Google

When you have a website and want to show up in search engines, you should have a blog. Though that might sound overgeneralized, it’s a fact for every website that exists and wants to rank on Google. One major tenant of search engine optimization is new optimized content regularly. 

I recommend at least one 500-word blog each week that’s optimized around keywords and phrases that your target market will be using to find someone like you. However, it’s not just for Google. Search engine optimization and content writing can also help you create blogs that showcase your industry expertise. 

That means when a prospective client comes to your website looking for help with “How to Choose a General Contractor,” they’ll not only find out how but see that you are the general contractor they were looking for in the first place.

Let Helianthus Advising Help You

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