If you’re a business looking for content creation services, you may want to know how to get the most out of your investment. Are you weighing your options on marketing strategies? Are you trying to determine what is your marketing priority? Well, this is a trick question: search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are equally important! But don’t worry — these two marketing strategies go hand-in-hand and work together to boost your business, so you don’t have to choose or invest more money to get what you need.

SEO + Social = Marketing Priority

As a digital marketing agency, we at Helianthus Advising know the importance of prioritizing your strategies. But we also see the value of combining those approaches to enhance their effectiveness.


SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization,’ and we mostly use this term when we provide content creation services for our clients’ websites. In particular, we use SEO blog writing services and strategies to increase your search engine rankings on sites like Google.

We take two main approaches:

With our SEO blog writing services, we find the right keywords and phrases that drive traffic to your website. Once we have the correct words, our writers strategically place them in blog posts so that your business becomes known for those keywords. But we don’t just use any old word — we research to find the best phrases that will help you rank higher as quickly as possible. 

We do the same on websites. When we optimize webpages, we use the same research to strategically insert keywords and phrases into webpages so that your business ranks for specific terms. So, in conclusion, SEO is one way to drive traffic to your website by ranking higher on Google and appearing in more searches.

Social Media

Now, how does social media partner with SEO? Your marketing priority should be both SEO and social because you can use your platforms to promote content on your website. Now that you have strategic keywords and phrases throughout your website (on key landing pages and blog posts), you can start advertising services or blogs on your social media. 

With SEO, you’re reaching a wider audience within targeted searches. This tactic is the same one behind social media — you’re promoting your optimized website content to a broader audience looking for the services or products you provide. By choosing the right social media marketing packages that work well with your specific following, your social channels funnel members of your target audience to your website. As a result, your views and rankings increase.

In a way, SEO and social media are like best friends who support one another!

How to Use SEO and Social to Your Advantage

As a digital marketing agency, we tell our clients to combine SEO and social media and do so in a way that enhances their specific business. Every client is different, and, therefore, we offer various solutions dependent on those unique needs. As a result, we combine SEO and social media marketing packages and personalize them as necessary. 

#1 — Choose the Right Social Media

Some digital marketing agencies use blanket social strategies. At Helianthus Advising, we’re all about unique and personalized approaches. Either way can work, but with the right social media marketing packages tailored to your business’s specific needs, you can certainly get more bang for your buck. 

For some businesses, a social channel like Instagram or Snapchat doesn’t make much sense. In this case, it’s better to focus your attention and resources on media that help you reach your audience. Maybe for you, your audience spends more time on Facebook, or you can drive more traffic via Pinterest or LinkedIn. We offer these personalized social media marketing packages for this very reason: each business is unique.

#2 — Use Content Creation Services

Once you have the right social channels, you need to focus on creating killer content. Not everyone is a content mastermind, which is why seeking out content creation services might be worth your investment. Not only do you need engaging blog posts riddled with strategic keywords and phrases, but you also need witty social captions and polished graphics to catch your audience’s eye. SEO blog writing services or social media marketing services can help you build your business faster. This is especially true when trying these solutions your own when you don’t have these resources in-house.

#3 — Promote Your Website to Reach Wider Audiences

Now that you have great content and social media, it’s time to put the two together. You can achieve your goals with just SEO or just social, but you can grow faster and save money by combining the two. 

  • Use your social channels for advertising webpages and blog posts. 
  • Create funny and engaging captions that make your readers ‘swipe up’ or click on your link. 
  • Don’t think that you have to choose a marketing priority when they both enhance your outreach substantially.

We know that not all businesses have the means to optimize their webpages, write engaging blog posts, and master social media, nor can all companies afford these services. That’s why, as a digital marketing agency, Helianthus Advising offers personalized packages that combine the services your unique business needs, that help you thrive and grow while sticking to your budget. Contact us with any questions!