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Every person has a dream, every company a mission. We all tell these dreams and purposes though stories. These stories attempt to engage, inform, surprise, and impact our target audience. Ashley Madden is the founder of Helianthus Advising. Here’s a bit about her past and how she uses that to help others grow their business.

My past as an entrepreneur and small business owner allows me to help other small businesses and start-ups. I treasure my understanding of SEO optimization, keyword research, photography, website creation, content writing, and coaching as an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs like myself.

As the owner of Helianthus Advising, I work with my team to help businesses and individuals find the mediums and methods that best fit their unique identity. We are an agency offering marketing, content creation, and executive coaching services, specializing in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors.

For each client, we produce high-quality content to meet their objectives. Our specialties include writing SEO optimized content for websites, books, and LinkedIn pages, digital marketing, physical marketing, consultations, and mindset and start-up coaching!

With six years of experience and a bachelor’s degree, my understanding of writing, marketing, graphic design, and business ownership, lets me grow businesses all over the world. Each of my team members is equally skilled with experience in growing businesses and working with clients. As professional writers, coaches, and marketers, we help businesses like yours grow every day. We have the training and experience to not only take your writing further but your whole company as well.

Let’s work together to meet your goals today!

Ashley Madden
Ashley MaddenFounder
Ashley Madden is a creative digital nomad focusing on helping small businesses reach their goals and grow successfully through marketing, content creation, and executive coaching.

Values and Actions Go Hand in Hand

As a business-focused helping others do more social and environmental good, we know that our values impact our actions. Here is what you should always expect from Helianthus Advising.

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We use passion and energy to show others how amazing you are!

Keep Levels High!

If we don’t care about your business, then how will we make others care? Helianthus Advising believes in keeping energy levels high all the time! Now you know you’ve got someone on your team that cares about your success as much as you.


Without optimism, adversity can get hard to handle!

Stay Positive

In business, you know that you will have people tell you no. If you don’t stay optimistic, then running a business can get very hard, very fast. As your go-to for all things writing, marketing, and coaching, that means we have to be optimistic too.


We want to help your business grow, and that means helping you!

We're Here for You

As a content creation and marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, we are here to help. If you need executive coaching to get to the next level, we help you there too! Helianthus Advising believes in you and is always here to give you what you need!

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Offering Creative Services For Small Businesses.

Build your online presence, grow your target market, and become a leading authority in your field! Helianthus Advising offers the services that your business needs to grow.


Whether you are looking for a social media management company or a digital marketing agency that can piece together websites and email, Helianthus Advising is here to help you reach new customers.

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Content Creation

Helianthus Advising is a content writing agency offering SEO writing, blog post writing, editing, website content updating, resume revisions, and the creation of graphical content.

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Executive Coaching

Those looking for career coaching, business coaching, or executive coaching services in the industries of travel, remote work, nonprofits, and social enterprises will find their solution through Helianthus Advising.

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Helping Clients All Over The World

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