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When your business is a physical type of business such as construction architecture and real estate, figuring out how to market your firm online often gets neglected. 

Marketing for construction companies has it’s own unique hurdles and challenges. Sometimes you put it off because it’s just not a priority or you don’t know where to get the knowledge to do construction internet marketing. Architecture firms don’t often have a marketing specialist and your bid writer is busy doing his own job. Then, of course, real estate is no exception. You just don’t have the time to sit down at a computer and spend hours and hours coming up with new real estate marketing ideas. 

Let Helianthus Advising’s team of expert consultants help you come up with a marketing plan for your construction business. We know real estate marketing just as we understand marketing for architectural firms.

Marketing for the
Construction Industry

The best marketing plan for construction companies is a complex and layered plan that is created with your business’s specific needs and challenges in mind. Grow your business digitally with our comprehensive marketing services.

Content Creation for
Real Estate Agents

The secret behind the best real estate agent’s marketing success? Consistent valuable content that informs, engages, and persuades your audience. Attract and retain your dream clients with our content creation services.

Business Marketing Consulting for Architecture Firms

Digital marketing is a learned skill, much like architecture. Come learn from our business consultants just how to create a marketing blueprint tailored to your business needs.

Why Are Construction Businesses Special?

You are an expert in your field.

Whether you are a contractor looking for leads, selling construction products through your online store, or connecting to new leads and potential clients the goal is to grab the attention of consumers and convert them into sales.

Just as you are an expert in your field, Helianthus is an expert in construction marketing. Let us help you improve your online presence with web design, SEO perfection, consistent content, and enthusiastic social media marketing. Our expert marketers will make your brand credible, respected, engaging, informative, and most of all desirable.

Construction Businesses
Real Estate Businesses

Why Are Real Estate Businesses Special?

Business Might Be In Person – But Web Presence Is Vital

If you are in real estate, you know that a successful online presence is absolutely essential to the success of your business. Around 97% of consumers in the United States go online to find products and services and that is no exception for the real estate industry.

If you want to connect with your potential clients, increase leads, convert those leads into sales, and make an impression that has your clients telling everyone about your services you have to start where they spend time. There are so many opportunities for real estate businesses online that an effective marketing plan can make the most of.

Why Are Architecture Businesses Special?

Digital Makes You Ahead of the Competition

In the past decades, Architectural firms have relied on word of mouth referrals to create new leads and opportunities. Today though nearly 85% of consumers looking to hire an architect reviews’ the candidate’s website before making a decision. Even most referrals do this!

Therefore, an effective approach to engaging your clients online is exactly what could put you ahead of the competition. Not many architectural businesses have done this yet, which means you can solidify your online presence ahead of the crowd and become an influential pillar known and respected for your specialized expertise. It won’t be long before the rest of the industry catches up, so jump on board now!

Architecture Businesses

The Perfect Merge of Freelancer & Agency

Made in the USA

Helianthus Advising is a US-based agency. Hiring an American team has the benefit that we are already well versed in the culture, rules, laws, and local markets of the United States. This is to your advantage and can save on time, is more efficient, and makes communications that much simpler.

Passionate & Helpful

You’ll find that Helianthus Advising is also all about caring for the earth. We work remotely and are paper-free. Becoming an ecologically friendly team has been one of our primary tenants from the start. We’re also huge believers in volunteerism and make it a regular part of our lives.

Industry Experts

Expertise in your industry is just one more reason why our team is perfect for your marketing needs. We’ve worked with construction businesses, real estate agencies, and many other similar businesses for years and we understand the unique challenges you face. Structuring and scaling a small to large business is where we can help you thrive.

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Small Budget – Big Results

When you look for help with your cause-based business, you probably have a low budget with big needs. That’s totally normal and where Helianthus Advising comes into the picture.


Packages for Every Business Size


Custom Marketing Strategies


Demographic Understanding


Proven Success Rate

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Ashley’s Background in the Construction Industry

Ashley Madden is the founder and owner of Helianthus Advising. She has, herself, spent many years in the construction industry. She’s even started her own garden construction company as part of an entrepreneurship competition. After studying architecture in university, she worked alongside her husband in construction and has also worked for a real estate agent as their marketing manager. This has given her a robust knowledge of the industry and all the small details that go into making a business marketing strategy successful.  Ashely has a real-world concrete experience that can elevate your construction marketing strategy.

Ashley Madden

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