Training & Consulting Services

As a marketing consulting agency, we help business owners and leaders set goals, create actionable plans, and develop long-term and high-potential growth strategies. Ashley Madden, the founder of Helianthus Advising, works with you to develop leadership skills and create business plans, which guide you with launching a business, growing a company, finding new leads or jobs, organizing systems for efficiency, and more. 

As a consulting agency, Helianthus Advising offers marketing consulting services, management consulting services, job consulting services, and sessions and workshops to help you and your leadership team develop necessary skillsets. We offer training and coaching sessions that promote quick improvements and establish long-term strategies.

As with any business endeavor, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Many of our clients find us while searching for training opportunities and consulting services that take them to the next level. In particular, small business marketing consultants can help nonprofits, social enterprises, and other sustainable businesses tackle the unique challenges they face. When you’re ready to enhance your business, our marketing strategy consultants are here to help!

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Marketing Consulting

With one-on-one coaching and training sessions, our marketing consultants help you improve your business’s marketing efforts, enable business growth, and establish strategies that work.

Job Search Consulting

If you’re looking for a job, a resume update, or a LinkedIn rewrite, our consulting services help you tackle the hard questions and impress the hiring manager in the process.

Management Consulting

Looking for a business marketing consultant or an organizational advisor? We help you perfect your business plan, elevator pitch, and pitch deck and maximize your success.

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A Digital Agency for Modern Times


Helianthus Advising is an eco-friendly digital marketing agency that strives to adopt green initiatives. By avoiding ink and paper, working from home, and maintaining a rigorous client approval process, we ensure our business positively impacts the planet.

Advisors & Doers

As an organic marketing company, Helianthus Advising aims to do it all. With our digital marketing services, you won’t just get strategic advice from seasoned professionals — we can also do it for you! We’re here to support our clients from start to finish. We’re advisors and doers.


Our team consists of passionate digital marketing specialists with at least five years of experience in their fields, whether writers, content creators, marketers, graphic designers, or consultants. As our client, you’ll know that you’re getting the best of the best.

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