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Consulting services help business owners and leaders to set goals, create action plans, and develop long-term and high-potential growth strategies. Ashley Madden, the founder of Helianthus Advising, works with you to develop leadership skills, create business plans, launch a business, and more. Our development plans include coaching sessions that enable both quick and long-term results.

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Marketing Consulting

Learn what you could do to improve your business’s marketing efforts through personal one-on-one consulting. Enable business growth with fast and slow strategies.

Job Search Consulting

If you’re looking for a job, a resume update, LinkedIn rewrite, and networking session could be in your future. Learn how to approach hard questions and impress the hiring manager today.

Management Consulting

Looking for a business consultant or organizational advisor? We’re here to help you make sure you on track for success. Perfect your business plan, elevator pitch, and pitch deck for maximum success.

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Taking Consulting Agencies to the Next Level


With no paper, no office, and no driving – our impact on the planet is as reduced as it can be. In addition, we work with clients that can pass an eco-test to ensure our impact and our assisted impact on the Earth is tip-top. 


The freelancer economy has created a low-income and high-working lifestyle. We’re trying to reverse that by working to provide each of our employees with a real salary, days off by the end of 2020. All while keeping costs to clients low.


We ensure the work you will recieve is the best around by hiring only those with over five years of experience and additional training. Our hiring process ensures our clients are happy and the world will help your business grow. 

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Ashley was a pleasure to work with! An absolute star!

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