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Job Search Consulting Services

The bad news: traditional forms of job searching just aren’t working anymore.

The good news: with a strategic job search strategy you can successfully stand out from the crowd when you apply for your dream job.

Our job search consulting services will help you find the job that fits your needs and wants, gain the skills you need for that job, and learn the best way to leave an impression in interviews. Above all, a comprehensive search strategy, whether you are just starting out or completing an executive search, will drastically improve your chances of being hired. Our one-on-one sessions with your expert search consultant will help you overcome challenges in the current job market. She’ll show you how to present yourself as the ideal job seeker and help you narrow down your options to the best jobs to apply for.

Your Next Job Consultant

Job Search Assistance

Job searching can be one of the most time consuming and challenging elements of finding a new job. You must have an effective search strategy that rules out jobs you are not qualified for, or that aren’t a good fit for you.

Our Job search consulting can help you do just that. For instance, we’ll analyze your past work experience, qualifications, skills, and future goals to find the right job opportunities for you.

Job Seeker Training

It’s hard to get a job when you don’t have the skills to qualify. We can help your job search improve drastically by helping you get the training you need beforehand.

We’ll help determine the job skills you need and then where you can learn these skills. New skills will help you get hired and begin a new job with confidence and assurance.

Search & Interview Strategies

It’s not every day that you interview for the job of your dreams, but when you do you want to impress and wow. Knowing what to say and how to say it is just part of the deal.

We’ll coach you through specific practical interviewing advice, and common sabotaging mistakes. Learn to focus on your strengths and prove why you are the best candidate for the job.

Benefits of Using a Job Search Consultant

Learn how to apply for the right jobs that fit you and your skillset and interest and don’t waste time on the ones that don’t fit your needs.

Gain the confidence to promote yourself and the self-awareness to do it accurately. You can rest knowing all of your career concerns have been answered. Best of all, however, is you will be prepared. You’ll have great answers to interview questions, a stellar resume, and have real takeaways that can help you stand out in the sea of other applicants.

Job Search Consulting
Job Application Success

Measure Your Job Application Success

Obviously, landing a job is the entire point of learning better application skills. It’s landing the right job for you that makes it all worth it.

It takes a personal investment, but at the end of the process, you’ll have a direction and purpose for your job search. You’ll also feel more confident and the job search will be more successful because of it. You’ll know what really makes you tick, why and have the skills to meet the needs of your goal job. Being equipped, prepared, and qualified for your dream job makes your chances of landing that job go through the roof.


It’s one thing to mention jargon and keywords. It’s another to talk about the results you can expect from the work we’ll do for you. On average, here’s what you can expect after our sessions together.

Better Awareness

New Skills

More Interviews

New Opportunities

Job Search Consulting Packages

Time to answer the important questions…

What do I get and at what cost?

Package Details

Startup: Days 0 – 3

When the contract is signed Helianthus Advising will begin by setting up all the files that will be needed to complete and deliver the work. In addition, we will conduct a total audit of your LinkedIn to determine what should be upgraded, changed, or removed. We’ll present these recommendations and confirm the next steps.  

LinkedIn Overhaul: Days 3 – 7

Work will begin to upgrade your LinkedIn account. We’ll start by recommending text and background changes as a “facelift” to ensure your page is top-notch. Then, we’ll make recommendations on new additions to your site based on your past. Finally, we’ll give strategic advice on how to maximize this new profile and connect with potential recruiters through bonus guides and graphics.

Startup: Days 0 – 3

When the contract is signed Helianthus Advising will begin by setting up all the files that will be needed to complete and deliver the work. In addition, we will conduct a total audit of all websites and social content. We’ll present these recommendations during the first session.

Session One: Job Searching Basics

Start your consulting off right with a complete overview of your current online presence. Learn how people (those hiring you) learn about you and why that’s important when you apply for a job. From there, we’ll cover the basics of starting a job search – knowing your goals, background, going over expectations, and looking for the right jobs.

Session Two: Perfecting Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Before we dive too deep into interviewing and getting jobs, we’ll take a look at your current resume and LinkedIn profile. You’ll learn the basics that make a resume readable by both computers and agencies – and why you should always have two. In addition, we’ll look at what makes a LinkedIn profile “top notch” and what recruiters are looking for when they find you.

Session Three: Professionality On The Searchable Internet

Your past is searchable and now is the time to make sure you know what others can find. Diving deeper into basics learned in session one, we’ll cover how hiring managers find information about you, what you should do, and how you should take matters into your own hands. In addition, we’ll look at how to create a “professional brand” across all social media accounts – and what not to post. 

Session Four: Mastering Any Interview

Now that you’ve created your professional brand, resume, and LinkedIn, it’s time to learn how to master any interview. Learn how to maintain individuality and personality while giving answers hiring managers want to hear. Practice answering questions “live” to see how you perform under pressure. Learn what to ask a hiring manager that will both impress and give you knowledge about the company. 

Session Five: Dressing Your Best & Negotiating

Long gone are the days of only wearing black suits to interviews. In this last session, we’ll focus on how to dress for the interview while keeping who you are visible. In addition, we’ll cover clothing mistakes to avoid as well as “reading the room.” Finally, we’ll cover negotiations and answer any questions you may have left.

Package Pricing

LinkedIn & Resume Upgrade Package

  • SEO Optimized Text Changes
  • Recommended Additions to LinkedIn Page
  • Newly Designed Profile Banner
  • Two Resume Versions: “Computer Readable” & “Designed”
  • Custom Resume Template
  • Guide: How to expand your LinkedIn Network
  • Guide: Obtaining certifications, Recommendations, and Skills
  • Guide: Using a Regular Posting Schedule
  • Guide: Writing Articles for LinkedIn
  • Guide: Customizing Your Resume Per Job

Job Consulting Five Session Package

  • Full Digital Presence Audit
  • Session One: Job Searching Basics
  • Session Two: Perfecting Your Resume & LinkedIn
  • Session Three: Professionality On The Internet
  • Session Four: Mastering Any Interview
  • Session Five: Dressing Your Best & Negotiating
  • Worksheet: Goals & Expectations
  • Worksheet: My Professional Brand
  • Graphic: Public vs Private Posting
  • Graphic: Avoid Wasting Time on Bad Jobs
  • Guide: Mastering First Impressions
  • Guide: Professional Dress By Industry & Job
  • Guide: PR Tips & Tricks – Obtaining Press
  • Bonus: Practice Interview With a Hiring Manager

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Thanks for being so detailed and thorough.

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