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Management Consulting Services

Helianthus Advising is a full-service management consulting firm ready to help you gain insights into your business and strategize your comprehensive business plan.

We specialize in creating data-driven insights to solve complex business problems and create an excellent business foundation for success. Organize, plan, strategize, review, improve, and dream with our strategy consulting services. Avoid tons of common pitfalls by utilizing a business expert’s advice in your project management.

We help create team, project, and technological solutions to the problems your business faces. Our Management consulting services will create the sturdy foundation your business needs to grow and adapt in a rapidly paced consumer environment. You don’t need to go to business school to learn how to operate a business but you do need expert advice to guide you on the right path.

Your Next Management Consulting Firm

Project Organization

Project management gets complicated and overwhelming fast. Setting it up right the first time will save you lots of time and energy.

We’ll help you set up a system to keep track of all the little details and communicate efficiently with your employees and contractors. Create a long term plan for daily operations, system coordination, and process automation. With an effective project organization strategy, you can gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of your team.

Team Organization

Creating a team that works seamlessly together is a learned skill. Our management consulting services can give you a deeper understanding of group dynamics and building talent.

With the perfect management team, that has excellent communication and critical thinking skills, you can address complex business problems. Gain a deeper understanding of their talent and leadership, employee engagement experience, work culture, inclusion, and your work environment.

Business Planning Consultations

Business strategy consulting focuses on your most critical issues and opportunities. Plan your business to establish long term healthy habits, routines, and processes. Formulate your business plan to manage your team, projects, marketing, IT, sales, resources, and so much more.

Organize your business right from the ground up. We bring expert functional advice and knowledge to make your business plan sustainable, efficient, and comprehensive. 

Benefits Of Creating A Lean & Organized Business

In the end, an actionable business plan can mean the life or death of a business. It’s the difference between frustration and long term success. Experience the peace of mind knowing that all the moving parts of your business are accounted for.

Create unmatched value for your customers. A flexible, efficient business is one that will serve its customers in a way that is delightfully inspiring. With excellent business management, you can see the improvement in your adaptability, process efficiency, automation, and competitiveness. Drive measurable results and build sustainability within your perfectly tailored business plan.

Management Consulting
Organizational Success

Measurable Productivity Improvements

The world is changing around us, but a nimble and comprehensive business strategy can mean the difference between your business just surviving and your business thriving.

Experience the focus and productivity that a well-organized team can produce. Then when challenges come around, you’ll have the strategy, flexibility, capability, and most of all knowledge to change as needed. Reach out for your goal future by consulting with us so your business plan is complete, productive, and most of all profitable.


It’s one thing to mention jargon and keywords. It’s another to talk about the results you can expect from the work we’ll do for you. On average here’s what you can expect after five-sessions with us.

Increased Efficiency

Improved Strategy

Improved Productivity

Success Rate

Management Consulting Packages

Time to answer the important questions…

What do I get and at what cost?

Management Consulting Package Details

Startup: Days 0 – 3

When the contract is signed, Helianthus Advising will begin by setting up all the files that will be needed to complete and deliver the work. In addition, we will conduct a total audit of all websites and social content. We’ll present these recommendations during the first session.

Session One: Interview Day

Before we help you streamline your business and “get lean,” we need to know who you are. To get to know your company, we’ll spend the first session interviewing you and your team leaders about your systems and processes. We’ll be asking how things work, what standards do you follow, what programs do you use, what do people like, what don’t people like, and other general questions. In the end, we’ll create an audit/review of everything we’ve learned so that we can form a plan of attack.

Session Two: Forming a Plan of Attack

After interviewing you and your team, we’ll present an overview of everything that we’ve learned. This will contain an outline for the final three sessions as well as quick tips that you can implement on your own for fast positive results in your business. Generally, we’ll talk about your organizational chart, SOPs, programs and systems, and employee morale and opinion. The following three sessions will be divided to conquer your biggest three organizational challenges. 

Session Three: Orginizatinoal Pain Point One

With a plan of attack, we’ll spend this session going over how you can fix the most significant challenge your business has when looking to create a streamlined and growing company. Past examples of course three include the creation and defining of an organizational chart. In this instance, we worked on how to change the current organizational structure to fit current and future goals as well as how to grow with an org chart plan in mind. In any case, you’ll receive worksheets, custom graphics, and presentations that we’ll use to formulate ideas together and that you can use to grow further in the future. Finally, we’ll recommend programs ideally suited to your budget and organizational needs. Examples include Asana, Trello, Twist, Slack, Teams, and more. 

Session Four: Orginizatinoal Pain Point Two

Much like the previous session, this will be tailored to your specific needs. No matter what your second largest organizational issue is, we’ll come together to make changes now while planning for the future. At this point, books that could help your development will also be recommended as well as potential videos that could further your understanding of any pain points. 

Session Five: Orginizatinoal Pain Point Three

In the final session, we’ll go over the third-largest pain point in your business. Just like the previous two, we’ll work on what changes you can make now as well as how you can keep things streamlines as you grow. In this final session, we’ll also do another overview of everything we’ve talked about and answer any questions you have left. The goal? A lean and streamlined business like you’ve never seen.

Management Consulting Pricing

Management Consulting Five Session Package

  • Presentation: Full Company Organizational Overview
  • Session One: Interview Day
  • Session Two: Forming a Plan of Attack
  • Session Three: Organizational Pain Point One
  • Session Four: Organizational Pain Point Two
  • Session Five: Organizational Pain Point Three
  • Worksheets: 5+ Custom Created Worksheets Based On Your Needs
  • Graphics: 3+ Custom Created Graphics Based On Your Needs
  • Guide: Perfect Programs for Growing Businesses
  • Guide: Creating an Organizational Chart that can Grow
  • Guide: Involving Your Team When Creating Processes

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Ashley was a pleasure to work with! An absolute star!

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Thanks for being so detailed and thorough.

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