Reach your target market with optimized social media posts and advertisements.


Helianthus Advising offers marketing agency services including social media marketing, email marketing, and more. We’re here to ensure that you can reach your target market through organic and paid means – whatever the budget. Our rates start at $150 an hour with custom packages starting at $500 a month!

Content Creation

Increase your credibility and visibility online with targeted content.

Content Creation

Grow your brand image, credibility, and domain authority with timely, optimized, and relevant written, graphical, and video content from Helianthus Advising. We have rates starting at $150 per hour based on length, quantity, and type. Get a package deal to ensure your site ranks and get the best deal possible.


Become a better leader and grow your business through customized consultations.


Learn the basics of marketing, how to keep your business organized online, or how to score your dream job! Ashley Madden, the founder of Helianthus Advising, offers consulting at $250 per hour or by package starting at $1,000 for five sessions.

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Business growth takes time. Get started today with marketing, content creation, or consulting from Helianthus Advising. We will help your business grow, improve your branding, and increase your visitbility to your target market and beyond. Contact us today for a free thirty minute consultation. We take clients from all over the world.

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