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Press Release Services

Wondering why some products or services get massive news exposure while others barely get noticed? Writing a press release is one of the most important parts of a successful public relations campaign. 

A press release is a content tool used to gain positive exposure or to get a message across to the public. They come in many different forms, from the traditional press release to blog posts and articles, to web pages, to email newsletters, and even podcast ads.

Now, the entire point of PR news is to pique the interest of a reporter or host with the hopes that they’ll write or talk more about your products and services. The news you give them can be information about a new hire, a product launch, or news about a successful funding campaign.

This can be essential to establishing your brand identity and increasing brand awareness among your target audience.

Your Next PR Firm

PR Distribution

Once we have your approval on the press release it is ready for distribution to news outlets. Let us do the networking for you. We leverage our media contacts so you can relax.

We also take special care of time-sensitive news and are well versed in media outlets and what will be most beneficial to you. News stories, social media campaigns, and optimized blog posts are all well within our wheelhouse.

Press Release Templates

Our writing team knows exactly what the media is looking for in a story. We craft your press release with these points in mind, turning your product launch, or news release into a fascinating read.

We also make sure your announcement isn’t overlooked for technicalities in formatting, spelling, and grammatical errors. Our press releases are written in the standard AP style. You have got a story to tell, let us help you share it in all the right places.

Podcast Placement

Getting booked as a guest, or running a podcast advertisement is one of the most effective ways to build your brand and grow your following.

Our PR services are excellent at getting the most important elements of podcasts perfectly worded. We find podcasts that appeal to your target audience, understand the nature of that market, and tailor the message to suit your brand’s conversion goals.

Benefits Of Running Press Release Campaigns

When you run a press release campaign, you need experts who will develop a strategy that finds the customers you want and wins them over.

Our writers are excellent at getting you the exposure you are looking for. They know how to capture the audience’s attention and portray you as a thought leader in your industry. We are also well versed in search engine optimization and social media engagement. Whichever platform is chosen, you can rest in the knowledge that we’ll get your message in the right hands.


Measure Your PR Service Success

In the end, what is said or not said doesn’t matter as much as what a PR article causes the reader to do or not do.

The way we measure this is by tracking the reach and results of a certain article. If a press release is to have an effective impact it must tell your story in a way that is engaging and paints you in an excellent light. If this is done well, such as with our PR services, you can count on getting more placements, page views, and shares by showing up the right way.


It’s one thing to mention jargin and keywords. It’s another to talk about the results you can expect from the work we’ll do for you. On average, after three months, here’s what you can expect.


Increase in Opportunities


New Brand Awareness


Better Chance of Success


Success Rate

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