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Nonprofit Fundraising Services

Fundraising can be an intimidating and overwhelming project but it’s also the lifeblood of the nonprofit sector. It is the most effective way to raise awareness and drum up interest among donors and volunteers. 

Developing strategies for the long term is essential to growth, leadership development, and security for the services you provide. Great fundraising can be mastered! It is the best way to equip your volunteers, avoid pitfalls and create a sustainable annual fund.

Our marketing fundraising services include storytelling, explaining your mission, engaging the audience with clear communication so you can keep your organization operating. You can do this online from anywhere – running campaigns through your website and social media – or in-person in the Atlanta, Georgia area. 

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Online Fundraising

Your website and social media accounts are essential to successful capital, endowment, and comprehensive campaigns. They are the perfect arena to spread awareness and funnel an interested and invested audience towards making a donation

Social media, in particular, can mak the process of signing up and donating quick, easy and efficient. When you are positioned where your potential donors already hang out you can remove barriers to make engaging in your capital campaign easier. 

Event-Based Fundraising

One of the most common fundraising techniques is event fundraising.  The list of options for this strategy is endless. You could host a 5K run, a board game night or a concert, a sports tournament, silent auction, movie night, or even an epic level chili cook-off.  

You also have the opportunity to consider digital event fundraising. Holding an online summit, conference or webinar can often reach a wider audience and have long-lasting effects.

Fundraising Strategy

A successful fundraising strategy will include several stages. First, you raise awareness and show how your nonprofit organization meets essential needs. Next, you provide helpful information to your donors, demonstrate how you are different, and why your audience should support your needs. 

Only once you’ve successfully raised awareness and educated your audience can you ask them to donate. Then it is essential to continue to provide value and keep them up to date on your capital campaign’s progress.

Benefits Of Hiring a Consultant for the Strategic Planning

The biggest benefit of hiring a marketing consultant for your fundraising is they are already established and knowledgeable in attracting attention and educating clients. You don’t need to spend your valuable time learning all the essential information.

Before you can ask clients to donate or take action, they must know who you are, what you do and how their contribution will make a difference. 

This takes a lot of time and effort! 

However, it is the donors who are engaged long term that make major gifts and are retained in the future. Hiring a marketing consultant can save you time and energy, and help you overcome major hurdles along the way.

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Measurable Fundraising Success

Measure Your Fundraising Effort’s Success

The primary way to judge the success of a fundraising event or campaign is the cash flow to your annual fund. This is essential to the survival of your nonprofit organization.

It is important to remember, though, that money is not the only mark of success. You also must create engagement, raise and train volunteers, convince people to attend events and to talk about your services with others. While the biggest goal is probably fundraising, good fundraising strategies will have these additional benefits. 


It’s one thing to mention jargin and keywords. It’s another to talk about the results you can expect from the work we’ll do for you. On average, after three months, here’s what you can expect.


More for the Annual Funds


New Volunteers


More Engagement


Success Rate

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