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Fundraising Services

Fundraising can be an intimidating and overwhelming project, but it’s also the nonprofit sector’s lifeblood. Fundraising for nonprofits is the most effective way to raise awareness and increase interest among donors and volunteers. 

Yet, it’s not just nonprofits that need fundraising services. Launching brands with new ideas as well as established businesses looking to start a new project also fundraise throughout the year. At Helianthus Advising, our fundraising consultants help you develop long-term growth strategies, enhance your leadership team, and secure the services you provide. 

Our fundraising packages include content creation services that help you tell your story, explain your mission, and engage your audience with clear communication so you can keep your organization operating. We can help you do this online by running campaigns through your website and social media.

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Online Fundraising

Your website, social media accounts, and online platforms are essential to thriving capital, endowment, and comprehensive fundraising campaigns. They are the perfect places to spread awareness and funnel an interested and invested audience to support your organization.

In particular, social media streamlines the process of signing up and donating — it’s quick, easy, and efficient! When you meet your potential donors where they are, you remove barriers and make donations more accessible.

Nonprofit Fundraising

As a company that helps nonprofits fundraise, Helianthus Advising is familiar with the unique channels that you face. We know the power of a good story and how to leverage your work to engage potential donors in your community and beyond. Whether your tactic is social media, crowdfunding, direct mail, press releases, or grants, we offer content creation strategies that work.

You also have the opportunity to consider digital event fundraising. Holding an online summit, conference, or webinar can often reach a wider audience and have long-lasting effects.

Fundraising Strategy

A successful strategy will include several stages and is an essential component of any fundraising endeavor. First, you raise awareness and show how your organization, idea, or product meets your target market’s needs. Next, you provide helpful information to your donors, demonstrate how you are different, and why your audience should support your needs. 

Only once you’ve successfully raised awareness and educated your audience can you ask them to donate. Helianthus Advising helps you to provide value and keep supporters updated on your organization’s progress.

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Benefits Of Hiring a Consultant for the Strategic Planning

The most significant benefit of hiring a fundraising consultant is that they’re already established and knowledgeable. They know how to present your story, attract attention, and educate your audience. Don’t waste your valuable time learning all the essential information when you can rely on Helianthus Advising!

Before you can ask supporters to donate or take action, they must know who you are, what you do, and how their contribution will make a difference. Our content marketing services do just that and reach your audience where they are: your website, social media, and in the press.

fundraising services
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Measurable Fundraising Success
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Measure Your Fundraising Effort’s Success

The primary way to judge a fundraising campaign’s success is to look at your annual fund. The annual fund is essential to the long-term survival of your nonprofit organization, product, or idea.

It’s important to remember, though, that money is not the only mark of success. Triumphant fundraising campaign also includes engaging supporters, raising and training volunteers, bolstering event attendance, and presenting your services to a broad, yet targeted, audience. While our goal when fundraising is the capital we raise, robust fundraising strategies will have these additional benefits. 


At Helianthus Advising, we’re not just jargon and keywords. Our social media marketing consultants offer high-quality work with real results. On average, after three months, here’s what you can expect:


More for the Annual Funds


New Volunteers


More Engagement


Success Rate

Fundraising Packages

Time to answer the important questions… What do I get and at what cost?

Keep in mind, these are just standard packages. For 99% of our clients, Helianthus Advising creates a custom package whether monthly or one-time. As such, let us know what you want or need and we’ll take care of everything. In addition, we offer discounts for long-term contracts and nonprofits.

Package Pricing

Business Launch Package

  • Custom Three-Month Strategic Plan
  • Custom Optimized 3-Page Website
  • Setup for Your Fundraising Platform
  • Social Media Management for Two Accounts
  • Engagement & Monitoring
  • Content Creation – Weekly Blog Writing
  • Podcast Placement
  • Influencer Outreach

Annual Nonprofit Fundraising Package

  • Custom Three-Month Strategic Plan
  • SEO-Based Website Updates
  • Social Media Management for Two Accounts
  • Engagement & Monitoring
  • Content Creation – Weekly Blog Writing
  • Podcast Placement
  • Influencer Outreach

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