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Social Media Marketing Services

When the average person asks for “digital marketing services,” they are often referring specifically to social media management services. In modern business, social media platforms are unavoidable. Any marketer (us included) will tell you that having a well developed social media marketing strategy is highly recommended. 

However, taking the time to run a social media marketing campaign often doesn’t exist for small businesses. That’s where Helianthus Advising comes to the rescue. We’ll take a look at your current online marketing approach, develop a social media strategy, and ensure that your target audience is being approached as best as possible. 

As a social media management company, we are here to help business owners like yourself create social media posts, get new “followers,” and convert those followers into paying clients. Take a look at our specific offerings below!

Your Next Social Media Marketing Agency

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is an offering of social media in which you don’t have to pay for ads. In short, we’ll create engaging posts and graphics that naturally attract new customers to your page and website. 

Feel safe and know you are in good hands with Helianthus Advising. We’re experts with over six years of experience working with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Snapchat!

Paid Social Media

If you want a boost to your growth, then look at our paid social media advertising services. Here, we’ll specifically target your potential customers with paid advertisements to turn them into followers and, eventually, customers. 

If you’ve never run ads before, you have nothing to worry about. Helianthus Advising will set up your account to ensure your ads will never run into issues. In addition, we can even launch your page from scratch if you’re new to social media!

Social Media Analytics

When you work with Helianthus Advising, you will always know what’s going on with your business. Each week, you will get an update email with information on what’s happened and what we are doing next. In addition, at the end of the month, you’ll get an analytical sheet that shows the detailed numbers for your accounts. 

To track everything without concern, we’ve created an editorial calendar that houses the current objectives, posts for approval, and analytics to take a look at. You’ll never lose anything or miss working with us!

Benefits Of Running Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing enables your brand to reach new customers at home. Show them you care with weekly updates, tips, and deals they couldn’t otherwise find. Spend half the time and reach twice the market with optimized posts and updates.

Social media marketing services enable your business to leverage the opportunities that exist within social media platforms. As experts, we are able to determine what makes a great LinkedIn post different from a perfect Facebook update. Let us help you find the perfect platforms for your business objectives. Once there, form a social media marketing strategy. Together, we will enable your business to reach new heights.

social media marketing services
social media analytics

Measure Your Social Media Success

It’s one thing to offer organic or paid social media services. However, as a social media marketing agency, detailed analytics are a must. How else will you know what’s working? How will we know what’s working?

Social media analytics are a vital part of the social growth process. Using all the tools we have at our disposal, we are able to determine the best times to post are, what content to post, and then what to change over time. With those analytics, we are able to continue making changes that further increase the reach we can get for your account. In addition, you get the analytics to see the detailed changes over time, so you know your paying for real results.


It’s one thing to mention jargon and keywords. It’s another to talk about the results you can expect from the work we’ll do for you. On average, after three months, here’s what you can expect.


More Engagement


New Followers


More Reach


Success Rate

Social Media Marketing Packages

Time to answer the important questions…

What do I get and at what cost?

Social Media Marketing Cost

Social Media Seedling Package

  • Full Digital Presence Audit
  • Two Posts per Week for Three Platforms
  • Two Custom Graphics per Month
  • Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Weekly Account Engagement
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Analytics

Social Media Sprouting Package

  • Full Digital Presence Audit
  • Three Posts per Week for Three Platforms
  • Three Custom Graphics per Month
  • Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Weekly Account Engagement
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Analytics

Social Media Sapling Package

  • Full Digital Presence Audit
  • Monthly Update to Your Profiles
  • Three Posts per Week for Four Platforms
  • Six Custom Graphics per Month
  • Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Thrice Weekly Account Engagement
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Analytics

Social Media Flowering Package

  • Full Digital Presence Audit
  • Monthly Update to Your Profiles
  • Four Posts per Week for Five Platforms
  • Ten Custom Graphics per Month
  • Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Daily Account Engagement
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Analytics

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