Project Description

Amston Tool Co.

The Details

While working as a freelancer/contractor for Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, Helianthus Advising (via Ashley Madden – founder), worked as the Marketing Manager for Amston Tool Co. Amston focused on making safety equipment for construction workers and scientists. Examples of their products include safety helmets and safety glasses.

While they predominantly service the construction industry, Amston Tool Co. hired Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing to help them reach new markets, like DIY hobbyists and students. Helianthus Advising advised a team that directly managed the social media accounts, creating engaging graphics and content, posting at strategic times, and providing analytics each month.

As an account launched from scratch, Amston saw its social media presence go from zero on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to over 1,700 followers across all platforms. Regular engagement and steady growth proved that people outside of construction were interested in their array of products. 

Amston Tool Company Portfolio Cover

Manage the Online Social Media Presence of Amston Tool Co.


Main Goal: Increase sales and visibility throughout social media for Amston Tool Co.


Ashley Madden: Project Manager & Social Media Marketing

This client was prior to Helianthus Advising’s innovative “pod” system.