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Data Dog Imaging

The Details

For this project, Helianthus Advising was tasked with creating SEO optimized content for Data Doc Imaging’s new website. DataDoc is a company from North Carolina, USA that specializes in converting, storing, and transferring data in multiple formats. They found us through a Facebook group where we connected with their developer. We were responsible for all keyword research, writing, editing, and formatting. 

The website hasn’t been launched yet as it is undergoing the final staged of design. However, our part of the process has been completed. We started the project with a two-month timeline to create nine pages of optimized text. After signing the contract, we were able to finish our keyword research and final layouts on time. Following that, we began working on the larger pages, mainly the home and about page.

From there, we continued to hit deadlines with the rest of the pages on the site. After one round of edits, we were able to optimize and format the text so that the developer could easily plug it into the page. In the end, we were able to write nine pages of text a few weeks ahead of our given deadline and minimal need for editing. We’ve added photos of the pre-launched website to show our text. Updates will be added once the site launches.

Data Doc Imaging

Content Writing


To write optimized text for DataDoc’s new website.


Create nine pages of text within two months with keywords and proper formatting.


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