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DataDoc Imaging

The Details

For this project, Helianthus Advising created SEO-optimized content for DataDoc Imaging’s new website. DataDoc is a company from North Carolina, USA that specializes in converting, storing, and transferring data in multiple formats. Ashley Madden, Helianthus Advising’s founder, conducted all keyword research, plus provided all writing, editing, and formatting for a new website project.

Helianthus Advising started the project with a two-month timeline to create nine optimized text pages by conducting extensive keyword research and providing final layouts. Following that, we focused on the main landing pages, mainly the home and about pages.

After one round of edits, we optimized and formated the text so that the developer could easily convert the content straight into the website. In the end, we wrote nine pages of text a few weeks ahead of our given deadline with a minimal need for editing—view screenshots of the completed website below.

Data Doc Imaging

Content Writing for DataDoc Imaging’s Website Launch


Main Goal: Craft SEO-optimized text for a new website.


Ashley Madden: Project Manager, Content Writing

This client was prior to Helianthus Advising’s innovative “pod” system.


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