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Helianthus Advising serves as a social media marketing agency and email marketing agency for Del Mar Designs – a business that offers fans and lighting to construction businesses, architecture businesses, and traditional consumers. Being in the construction industry, we have a deep understanding of the clientele that Del Mar looks for when marketing. Since February of 2020, we have been creating social media posts for five accounts and monthly newsletters.

Del Mar Designs has a focus not on their number of followers or even the engagement rate, but direct conversions to sales. This means we focus on promoting sales and links back to the site rather than content traditionally attributed to making an account grow in followers. Similarly, their email – while a monthly newsletter – has a goal of making sales rather than just clicks or even the open rate. However, changes in their store made direct tracking harder after the March newsletter.

We create between one post a month and three posts a week for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and Pinterest as well as one email per month for the Del Mar Designs team. Their team provides graphics of the products as well as upcoming sales and coupon codes. After posts are added to an Editorial Calendar and their approval is obtained, we schedule the posts and monitor results so we can grow further the next round of posting. Take a look below to see the growth we’ve helped their site achieve as well as for example posts and emails.

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Digital Marketing for Del Mar Designs


Use social media marketing and email marketing to obtain new clients for Del Mar Designs.

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