Project Description

Farmer Brown’s Insurance Agency

The Details

Though Dr. Rissy’s Writing, Helianthus Advising worked with Farmer Brown’s Insurance Agency to create SEO-optimized blog posts for website content and for guest posts. We were able to raise them from the third page of results to the first page of results within two months of working with them.

Helianthus Advising used and Ahrefs to create the content for guest and regular posts. The main goal for this project was to create A++ optimized posts for the website and guest opportunities.

Reaching this goal was done with an understanding of SEO. In the end, we were able to raise the ranking of Farmer Brown’s Insurance Agency from the third page of Google to the first page in just two months.

For examples of the posts we created, see the links at the bottom of the page.

Farmer Brown's Insurance Agency

To create blog posts and guest posts for the Farmer Brown’s Insurance Agency.


Reach page one of Google through guest posts and blog posts that were SEO optimized.


Ashley Madden: Project Manager, Copywriting

This client was prior to Helianthus Advising’s innovative “pod” system.

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