Project Description


The Details

For this project, I worked as a freelancer and team member for Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing to grow the social media accounts of one of their clients. My role is that of a marketing manager and writer. I manage all of the social media accounts on Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing via overseeing a team of teams involving account managers and graphic creators.

In the case of FOMI, my team was tasked with getting all new accounts up and running for the brand launch. As a seller of holistic medical supplies, we needed to use both organic and paid social media markeitng to grow their account from zero followers upward with a goal of getting new buyers and followers In the end, we were able to see hundreds of new clients from our efforts and hundreds more followers on social media. 

FOMI Portfolio Cover

To create a full website for Edward’s Oil.


First, we had to create the layout, colors, and theme of the website. Second, we had to create all the copy for the site and obtain the needed stock photos to fill the pages.