Project Description

Happy Eco

The Details

Happy Eco is a sustainable consumer-product-goods business that produces earth-friendly personal hygiene products, such as bamboo toothbrushes and tooth floss. Initially, we were hired to edit and create copy for an email campaign. However, after completing this project, Happy Eco asked Helianthus Advising to begin writing twice-monthly blogs with search engine optimization in mind. The goal was to rank the new site and obtain organic reach and sales.

Helianthus Advising managed topic creation, research, writing, and editing for each blog. We created four blogs during the initial contract and saw ranking for long-tail keywords on Google which increased the company’s organic reach. See below for published blogs. If you click on the photo, you can see the blog without leaving the site. However, clicking the link will take you to the live blog.

Happy Eco Portfolio Cover

SEO Blog Writing for Happy Eco


Main Goal: Enable Happy Eco to reach page one on Google to boost organic reach.

Secondary Goal: Provide potential customers with valuable information about eco-friendly products.


“Pod” Skyscrapers: 

Ash Merscher: Content Writing

Ashley Madden: Consultant & Project Manager



Completed Blog Posts

Summer Is Here, Wear Your Eco-Friendly Sunscreen!
Five Benefits of Using Sustainable Personal Care Products
It’s Never Too Late To Start Flossing!