Project Description

Kr Human Resources

The Details

KR Human Resources was a website that desired a facelift. After connecting through Facebook, we determined that her best bet was going to be to go bright and bold with a simple layout. Since she wasn’t aiming to get online traffic from this site, we focused more on appearances and design. This still active website was created and is hosted through Wix.

Helianthus Advising’s goals for this project create a simple to follow and easy to adjust the layout. The client desired a website that they could work on and would serve as a place she could send people to rather than have people come to her. Due to this, optimization was not a goal. Helianthus Advising was not in charge of copywriting. However, she did have a budget and time limit that the facelift and redesign work needed to be completed under. 

In the end, we were able to completely redo the website in well under budget and allotted time. Helianthus Advising was able to create a simple webpage that utilized bright colors and simple to follow pages. The site is still active and can be browsed to see the functionality.

KR Human Resources

To facelift KR Human Resources with a new website layout.


Stay under budget and within time to update the look of the website.

See Active Site

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