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Helianthus Advising was hired for one month to complete social media growth services and content writing services for LEAF Credit Solutions. In the beginning, we discussed all the options for growth desired by LEAF Credit Solutions. Together, we decided that a completely organic social media strategy would be most effective with the available budget.

First, Helianthus Advising recommended that the owner and any associated parties add all friends to “like” the page — a top tip for any business. Then we created an Editorial Calendar to track posts and growth. Finally, we crafted SEO-infused posts for the website and focused on usable tips for potential clients.

Creating weekly blog posts and twice-weekly social media posts resulted in growth for the brand. By the end of the month, we saw exponential growth. Though the client was only able to stay for one month, we were able to teach them the skills they needed to grow with a small budget and no paid spending.

Please take a look at our results below!

Helianthus Advising Portfolio Covers LEAF Credit Solutions

Social media growth services for LEAF Credit Solutions


Main Goal: To grow LEAF Credit Solution’s online presence by gaining organic clients through blog creation and social media management.


Ashley Madden: Project Manager, Social Media Marketing, Blog Writing

This client was prior to Helianthus Advising’s innovative “pod” system.

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