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Helianthus Advising serves as a content creation agency for Popcart – a business that offers a chrome extension to people who shop online. It helps people find better deals across websites without them having to do any more work. Since late November, we’ve been working on creating blogs with the goal of boosting SEO and gaining more chrome installations.

During the month of December, we ran a holiday campaign that resulted in a massive boost to engagement, views, and installations. In addition, we’ve worked on long-term content and topical posts that fall outside this campaign. In the two months, we’ve been working for them, they’ve seen their website views grow by over 100%.Going forward, our goal continues to be SEO and business growth.

We create about one post a week with the help of the Popcart team. Their team provides graphics, topics, and outlines. We create the post and do all the needed revisions. In the end, a well-crafted post that follows best SEO practices is posted to the site. Take a look below to see the growth we’ve helped their site achieve as well as example posts.

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Content creation for Popcart


December 31st Goal: Assist in obtaining 500 total chrome extension installations through blog creation.

Current Goal: Use blog posts to gain new chrome installations and boost SEO.

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