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Helianthus Advising was hired for three months to create a website and fundraiser as well as provide public relations in the form of podcast placement for Sequre. Kadeen, the founder, was building a business that “empowered women one condom at a time” through the use of a compact with a hidden compartment. Our job was to help her start a successful fundraiser so that she could have a big product launch at the end.

For the first two months, we mainly focused on podcast placement while Ashley Madden and Kadeen worked to get all the needed photos and videos for the website and fundraising page. This resulted in an average of three podcasts placements per month, where Kadeen was able to talk about her product and area of expertise.

In the final month, we created a simple Shopify sales page as well as a complete and ready to launch fundraising page on IndieGoGo. We utilized our search engine optimization, content creation, and website creation skills, as well as Kadeen’s provided videos and graphics to form each page. In the end, two well-crafted sites were launched with four bonus blogs to begin further search engine optimization and provide materials for use in social media marketing.

Sequre Portfolio Cover

Fundraiser Launch for Sequre


Main Goal: Create a website on Shopify and a fundraiser on Indiegogo.

Secondary Goal: Obtain Kadeen (founder) placements on podcasts.


“Pod” Skyscrapers: 

Annalena Wood: Podcast Placement

Ash Merscher: Content Writing & Web Development

Ashley Madden: Fundraising Consultant

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