Project Description



I was hired by Ultramarine with an ultimate goal of boosting their Google searche performance and converting more customers. To accomplish this goal, I’ve created a custom editorial calendar using Google Docs and research from SEMrush. Each week, Helianthus Advising writes and posts one 500 word blog that’s optimized around the long-tail and short-tail keywords that are best for the brand.

In order to keep the voice that is needed, Helianthus Adviisng uses tools like Grammarly and the Hemingway App. In addition, our experience and past knowledge enables us to keep the personas of “Royal” and “Creative,” assuring that our content keeps a uniform, optimized, and high quailty feel. In addition to writing, we are also charged with posting, sourcing photos, adding metadata, and internal and external linking.

For an example of the work that is being created, please feel free to click any of the links below. 

Ultramarine - Content Creation
The Project

Search Engine Optimization & Content Creation for Ultramarine

The Objective

Reach the first page of Google within six months for long-tail keywords and within twelve months for short-tail keywords while converting more customers that reach the site through regular content posting.

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