Project Description

Use Me In The Kitchen

The Details

For this project, Helianthus Advising (Ashley Madden) worked for Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing to complete work for their client, Use Me In The Kitchen. The client was a startup group that wanted to sell kitchen supplies via their website. We started from scratch to create an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using both organic and paid growth strategies.

For the duration of the project, Ashley Madden was the marketing manager at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing. Her responsibility was to communicate with the client, view and approve of ads, and make sure that all deadlines where hit by the account manager charged with coming up with new content and the ads manager responsible for creating new ads. 

Use Me in The Kitchen Portfolio Cover

Social Media Managent for Use Me In The Kitchen via Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing


Social media management for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for Use Me In The Kitchen via Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing.