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Verge Magazine

Verge Magazine

As a digital nomad, Ashley Madden, the founder of Helianthus Advising, knows what it’s like to learn on-the-go. Sometimes, things don’t work out exactly as planned, and you can’t always rely on sources or support. As a writer, Ashley wanted to share her experiences and lessons learned to help those that might take the same path. She wrote for Verge Magazine from the lens of a traveler and digital nomad.

In Ashley’s posts, she explored the many challenges of such a lifestyle, including how to deal with life abroad, important lessons learned along the way, and other helpful tidbits and musings. About every six weeks, she published a post on Verge’s website. These posts were SEO-optimized and written with a Canadian audience in mind. As a result, Ashley had to forgo many American spellings and phrases, something she had never done before but that Helianthus Advising continues to do for our foreign clients.

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Content Writing Services for Verge Magazine


Main Goal: Craft engaging blog posts to inform readers about life abroad and the challenges of a digital nomad.


Ashley Madden: Project Manager, Blog Writing

This client was prior to Helianthus Advising’s innovative “pod” system.

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