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Businesses on the Go

It’s no secret, the number of remote workers and digital nomads have skyrocketed. Due in part to our changing economy and circumstances, having the ability to work from home has become essential in our time.

This new shift, of course, comes with its own challenges. How will you communicate? Can you market locally? How about accountability? And when will you have time to market your own business between all the travel and work?

That’s where Helianthus Advising comes in. As digital nomads ourselves we have a unique insight as to what works for remote work and what will waste your time. We help businesses with remote marketing solutions that are as effective as they are functional.

Marketing for Remote Businesses

It can be difficult to market on social media when you are a remote working business. We’ll help you establish a presence and find solutions that serve your market.

Content Creation for Digital Nomads

Travel is a fast-paced and fascinating industry. Leverage your nomadic movements with search engine optimized (SEO) content and a consistent on-brand voice.

Business Consulting When Remote

Our experienced remote team makes for the perfect consultants for your business. You need top-notch professionals with personal experience when you are facing the challenges of working remotely.

What is a Remote Business?

A Business Without An Office.

Businesses are considered to be working remotely when the work happens anywhere outside a traditional office. This could be at home, at a coffee shop, bookstore, or even a separate country altogether! This comes with unique challenges, but also one-of-a-kind advantages. In a recent study, it was shown that working from home increases productivity by a potential 47%! That’s almost half as much more productivity as ordinary traditional offices. It also frees up your budget, since you are not spending money on office space. Finally, it is economically and ecologically friendly as it eliminates the need for workers to commute to a business location every day.

Nonprofit Companies
Social Enterprises

What is a Nomadic Business?

A Business Without a Home or Office.

A nomadic business has the freedom and flexibility that a traditional business (and even a remote business) doesn’t have. Nomadic businesses are remote businesses with the ability to move and even wander where they will or where they are needed. This is a great ability to meet the needs of both staff and clients at the same time.

Look for a marketing consulting agency that can help you leverage these unique assets for your business. Technology today makes it easy to stay in touch with your remote team so you can still collaborate and communicate effectively. It also means you can hire the best candidates for your jobs as the location is no longer restricting your personnel pool.

Can a Business Be “Half-Remote?”

Yes! However, this poses more unique issues.

Some businesses are both remote and in-person. Perhaps you have five people working out of an office, two working out of their homes, and two complete nomads working wherever they are. This means you split all worlds! This can change your marketing, content creation, and operations style. Given you are partially remote, you’ll need to ensure your SOPs and operations are streamlines and digital so everyone can access what they need to. In addition, you’ll have to think about whether or not you’ll utilize your remote members for marketing and content creation posts. 

Sustainable Businesses

The Perfect Merge of Freelancer & Agency

We Are Remote

Helianthus is a remote nomadic marketing agency which means we know exactly the challenges and advantages you face. We understand the differences in laws, culture, and the needs of a nomadic workplace and can teach you how to leverage them for your team.

Long-Term Travelers

As long-term travelers ourselves, we can coach your team to be prepared in every situation and to make the most of their nomadic freedom. Utilizing technology to connect, communicate, and inspire will change your business for the better.

Nomad & Remote Experts

Just as becoming digital nomads has it’s advantages, so does hiring a remote marketing agency. When your consulting team lives all over the world, they’re available for a wider range of hours and have the experience with technology to understand how a remote business can work best. 

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Small Budget – Big Results

When you look for help with your cause-based business, you probably have a low budget with big needs. That’s totally normal and where Helianthus Advising comes into the picture.


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Ashley’s Background Remote Work

Ashley Madden, founder, and owner of Helianthus Advising, is herself a digital nomad and remote worker. She’s worked from more than 15 countries around the world, globe-trotting and exploring all while building three, – yes three! – businesses of her own. She intimately understands the unique freedoms and challenges of managing a remote team.

In our changing economy today, it’s a certainty that the remote workforce will grow. If your business is ready to steadily take a step into the future, you need a consultant that understands the ins and outs of a remote team. Ashley is just that consultant.

Ashley Madden

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