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Sustainable Businesses are Special

You have a heart for people. Your nonprofit or social enterprise is proof of that.

But marketing for nonprofit organizations is a challenge all unto itself. Traditional methods don’t always apply when the goal isn’t the bottom dollar. Social media marketing for nonprofits looks remarkably different. Even nonprofit content marketing is dramatically different because your end goal if different. When your focus is on cause marketing, you need a nonprofit marketing strategy that’s tailored to your exact needs.

Helianthus has a heart for changing the world. We are a digital marketing agency with a focus specifically on nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and sustainable businesses. That means we understand the unique challenges and hurdles that are involved with nonprofit social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and so much more.

Helianthus doesn’t just talk the talk, but they take action too. We’ve spent years in nonprofits working both the front end as a volunteer and working behind the scenes with marketing strategy and organizational management.  It’s this experience that gives you a helping hand when it comes to your own nonprofit marketing strategy.

Nonprofit & Cause-Based Marketing Strategies

Nonprofit marketing is just as essential as in traditional business if not even more so. Engage your audience and reach them right where they hang out.

Content Creation for Sustainable Businesses

A great way to inform your potential donors and beneficiaries is through quality content marketing for nonprofits and caused based businesses.

Social Startup & Nonprofit Consulting Packages

Still wondering where to start for your nonprofit marketing strategy? Work with our highly qualified consultants to tailor an approach as unique as your cause.

What is a Nonprofit?

A nonprofit is a business with a heart.

A nonprofit is a business that doesn’t operate for the bottom line but instead for the people it serves.  You know your noble cause better than anyone around and your heart reaches out to the people in need. This means that non-profit marketing comes with some unique challenges but also some unique advantages. While there is still a budget to follow – often a smaller one than you’d like – it’s easier to motivate and create authentic connection and engagement. Marketing for the nonprofit looks much different than it does for traditional businesses.

Nonprofit Companies
Social Enterprises

What is a Social Enterprise?

Think nonprofit without its 501c3 certification.

Social enterprises are like nonprofit organizations, but their basic goal is to meet an unmet need or solve a problem for their community by producing products, profits, or opportunities. A social enterprise can be a promising approach to both creating social impact and still becoming financially independent. From opportunity creating businesses that provide employment to commerce stores with innovative products and services to simply contributing proceeds to worthy organizations, a social enterprise makes a difference in the world. Let us help you straddle the line between nonprofit and for-profit businesses, knowing that we’ll keep your cause and goals as a top priority.

What is a Sustainable Business?

A sustainable business cares about the Earth.

Unlike a social enterprise or nonprofit, a sustainable business might not be looking to directly solve an obvious problem (though it could be.) In fact, they could look like any other business – making a product or delivering a service to make money! Helianthus Advising is just one example! What does that mean? In short, you might operate like any other business, but you take steps to ensure you don’t harm the planet. As a sustainable company ourselves, we understand how you feel. We’ll work with you to create a marketing strategy that takes into account your beliefs and values. 

Sustainable Businesses

The Perfect Merge of Freelancer & Agency

Made in the USA

It’s so important to have a consulting agency that understands your unique needs and goals. Helianthus Advising is a US-based marketing agency that understands the laws, culture, and needs of one of the most affluent nations in the world. Invest in a team that can contribute high-level marketing in a relevant and thoughtful way.

Passionate & Helpful

We’re dedicated to being good stewards of the earth. That’s why our agency puts a premium on giving back. By working paper-free and remote we lessen our carbon footprint. In addition, we also run an adopt-a-nonprofit fund offering free services to a new nonprofit for 1-3 months.

Cause-Based Experts

Not only is Helianthus environmentally conscientious, but we also have a staff heavily invested in volunteer work. 100s of hours have been worked by our staff with nonprofit businesses. Causes close to our heart include animal shelters, cancer research, and environmental initiatives.

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Small Budget – Big Results

When you look for help with your cause-based business, you probably have a low budget with big needs. That’s totally normal and where Helianthus Advising comes into the picture.


Special Pricing for Nonprofits


Custom Marketing Strategies


Demographic Understanding


Proven Success Rate

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Ashley’s Background In Cause-Related Businesses

Ashley Madden, the founder of Helianthus Advising, is an unorthodox nature-loving entrepreneur off galivanting to save the earth. All three of her businesses are dedicated to changing the world, but it’s not just a business decision, it’s a personal lifestyle.

Ashely’s worked with nonprofits and charities since the age of 14, spending every weekend helping out at a local animal shelter and moving on to a leadership role fundraising for blood cancer. She has led teams, volunteered, and worked with nonprofits for fundraising, marketing and so much more.

It’s her experience and dedication that has made Helianthus into the generously giving agency it has become.

Ashley Madden

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